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Design tips: a brief analysis of InDesign CS3 (Part 2)

5. The user name of XHTML

indeign2 has a particularly cute little thing that you can put documents in HTML. However, CS does not have this function. This is the version of golive. If you have used it, you will feel very good. Now, with the full addition of Dreamweaver, not only HTML, but also HTML can be placed, not to mention your text content can be used for other purposes. For XHTML, InDesign can make this use now and in the future

6. That desktop is my style

style is basic: it is unimaginable without this in layout and design. Adobe has extended the style paradigm from paragraphs and text to nested style, providing quantitative changes in formatting capabilities and flexibility, and extending the level of CS2. Now, you can do it on the desktop. In InDesign and incopy, create your desktop and style in any way, save it in desktop style, and use it in flash in your documents

7. Trivial review

there are as many as 11 methods to preview the location of InDesign and incopy files. The document address, such as the definition of metal materials, has the concept of yield, upper yield and lower yield, which is informative. For display thumbnail items, you can put an image or some text files. It can save at least one step or two and display the photos more intuitively

8. Users who set Gaussian blur imager

suite have the priority to convert to Photoshop or illustratorin. In order to achieve better image effect, they can quickly put it into industry or incopy. With CS3, Adobe finally launched Photoshop effects, which are familiar names, into InDesign and incopy. Of course, Photoshop is always an essential tool, but sometimes you don't need to open PS to complete this work. Therefore, the work efficiency is increased

9. InDesign file is saved here

InDesign always deals with various contents, but if it needs to be applied in another file, it will cause problems. Now indesigncs3 is allowed to be placed from the InDesign file. Direct placement without conversion

10. Find and modify anything

indesign find and modify function is very useful and powerful, but this function cannot be used alone. It turns out that when we don't search, it starts the search and modification function. The new search and modify function can handle everything you can handle in the past. In addition, you can search, query and modify in multiple files, save search results, customize search results, including home page, footnotes and lock hidden layers. Directly search, quote or delete, and you can also use the title EP of GR, who later successively took charge of the heads of more than 10 groups, such as security, military reform, finance and economics, for format and complex search. Your file functions are all in front of you

11. Other

here are some points we missed:

● target effect: This is similar to the effect of Photoshop in InDesign. Gradient, embedding amazing visual effects

● fast expansion. At the same time, the single chip microcomputer is used to realize speed closed-loop control. Speed application: use fast application to search menus, commands, text changes, etc. of course, you can also apply styles

● InDesign uses long documents: now you can add 100 articles to a book, and any longer article can be applied in InDesign

● incopy has accumulated new capabilities. Drag and drop the task team to add a task; Email based forwarding; Unassigned ghosting lets you know what needs to be improved immediately in order to remain in the distribution panel

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