A brief analysis of the development direction of s

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A brief analysis of the development direction of silk screen printing machines

looking at the silk screen printing equipment on the market now, new products come out every day, but we will find that the development direction of silk screen printing machines on the market now is nothing more than the following points. It's not urgent. Please follow me carefully to see

1. Manual silk screen printing equipment will gradually reduce: although now domestic silk screen printing machines still coexist with manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic ones, However, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of silk screen printing process requirements, the manual printing equipment for silk screen printing will gradually decrease, showing a downward trend

2. Automatic equipment is developing towards high-precision, high-quality and flat surface: semi-automatic screen printing machine is the focus of competition among many domestic manufacturers. Under the double squeeze of market competition and continuous improvement of process requirements, the future market of semi-automatic screen printing machine is inclined to high-precision and high-quality equipment. Manufacturers using it will pay more attention to the image of products and service ability, and have novel shapes and more functions in product design In particular, semi-automatic screen printing opportunities integrated with high-tech concepts are more favored

3. Silk screen printing production. Therefore, SEBS foaming materials will be more and more used in leisure and sports product lines such as sports mats, yoga mats and rhythmic balance mats, and automatic roller screen printing machines are on the rise: silk screen printing production lines are gradually popular because they can be completed in one line with multi-color printing and drying. Especially in the cosmetics industry, major brands of cosmetics are competing to make great efforts in packaging and printing, Silk screen printing has become the first choice of many manufacturers because of its thick ink layer and strong three-dimensional sense

new technology and new demand. It is believed that with the development of market demand P0.005, more new products will come out in the near future. Only by grasping the development trend of the market, can we seize the market first and obtain considerable benefits

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