The World Health Organization launched a plastic b

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The World Health Organization launched the "plastic bottle + sunshine" water disinfection method

at present, one in six residents of the earth cannot drink safe drinking water. For the people of many poor countries, drinking "safe water" is not an easy thing. The World Health Organization recently launched a "plastic bottle + sunshine" method for water disinfection, which is expected to meet the basic survival needs of many people

the new method is simple. You only need a few empty plastic bottles, plenty of sunshine and a black background. The process is: place the transparent plastic bottle filled with water horizontally in a flat place and expose it to the sun for five hours. Ultraviolet light in the sun and the heat it brings will kill most pathogenic microorganisms in the water. Unlike adding boiled water to the shell of instruments and meters and the parts such as the booster pump body, this disinfection method does not require any fuel. In addition, if you have the conditions to coat the sprue on the bottom of the plastic bottle, you should take it as black, or put the bottle on a black corrugated iron or plastic cloth, and the disinfection effect will be more significant, because the black corrugated iron or plastic cloth can absorb more heat, so as to more cleanly and thoroughly eliminate bacteria in the water

but this method with almost zero cost is limited to "making do with poverty". Martin weygreen, the inventor of this method and a researcher at the Swiss Institute of environmental science and technology, said that although this method is simple and easy, it cannot kill all microorganisms in the water. However, for many countries with sufficient sunshine and insufficient funds, the "plastic bottle + sunshine" method has solved their urgent needs to a great extent

the World Health Organization named this simple method "solar water disinfection" SODIs

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and virtual instrument technology provides an ideal solution to the above problems. At the same time, the World Health Organization calls on developing countries to pay attention to chlorine disinfection technology. This technology is also simple and effective

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