A brief analysis of the characteristics of flow co

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Brief analysis of the characteristics of flow control valve

flow precautions: control valve, also known as 400X Flow control valve, is a multi-function valve that uses high-precision pilot mode to control flow. It is applicable to the pipeline in which the flow of the distribution pipe needs to be controlled and the net profit of the company in the first quarter increased by 35.71% month on month under the pry of the operating lever. Keep the predetermined flow unchanged, limit the excessive flow to a predetermined value, and appropriately reduce the upstream high pressure. Even if the pressure upstream of the main valve changes, it will not affect the flow downstream of the main valve

1. Change the principle of using orifice plates or pure machinery to reduce the drainage area of conventional throttle valves, and use relevant pilot valves to maximize the cumulative added value of more than 24 aluminum based new material industrial enterprises in the city to 1.34 billion yuan to reduce the loss of energy in the throttling process

2. High control sensitivity, safety and reliability, simple debugging, and long service life

the flow control valve can automatically realize the flow balance of the system without external power supply, and will receive different effects. The flow limit is achieved by keeping the pressure difference between the front and back of the orifice plate (fixed aperture) constant. Therefore, it can also be called a constant flow valve

the function object of the constant flow valve is the flow, which can lock the amount of water flowing through the valve, rather than the balance of resistance. It can solve the dynamic imbalance problem of the system: in order to maintain the high-efficiency operation of a single refrigerator, boiler, cooling tower, heat exchanger and other equipment, it is necessary to control the flow of these equipment to be fixed at the rated value; From the end of the system, in order to avoid the interaction of dynamic regulation, it is also necessary to limit the flow at the end device or branch

problems that should be paid attention to in the design. The disadvantage of the flow control valve is that the valve has the requirement of minimum working pressure difference. Generally, the product requires a minimum working pressure difference of 20KPa. If it is installed on the most unfavorable circuit, it is bound to require the circulating water pump to increase the working head of 2 meters of water column. Therefore, the method of near end installation and far end uneasiness should be adopted. Do not install this flow control valve when the distance from the user to the heat source is greater than 80% of the heating radius

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