A brief analysis of the development trend of cigar

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A brief analysis of the development trend of cigarette packaging

cigarette packaging has been various, diverse and countless after continuous development and changes since the beginning of history. As a staff member in the tobacco industry, although he has seen and heard a lot of cigarette varieties, his understanding of cigarette labels, like most consumers, only stays on the simple packaging surface. As the saying goes, it looks pleasant and feels uncomfortable, that is, he feels the internal temperament of cigarettes, but he has not studied and understood the real connotation of cigarettes

however, as tobacco employees, especially as tobacco salespeople, they deal with cigarettes all day long and have close contact with customers. They also learn from retailers about consumers' individual preferences for which kind of cigarettes and why, and indeed summarize some practical experience

we know that we should actively cultivate new drivers of green development. Good packaging not only reflects the connotation of goods, but also reflects the internal temperament of users or owners

recently, while cigarette packaging has been constantly updated and improved, it is not difficult to find that, like other commodities, cigarettes have also boasted a blue fashion in this industry

as a salesperson, the first blue product is 99 Blue Red River. This kind of cigarette has a high price, but it gives people a calm and mature internal feeling. The sales volume of cigarettes at the same price has been very good. Of course, this is closely related to the internal quality of cigarettes, but it is also closely related to the dual effects of packaging on people's vision and feeling

then blue white sand, blue stone forest and blue state guests also set off a hot flow among middle and high-end consumers. Through direct understanding of consumers, it was found that consumers mainly like this color in addition to feeling that cigarettes taste very good, because they feel that this color seems to be different this year about Bayer material technology: to some extent, it represents the identity of middle and high-end

as far as Hebei Province is concerned, the packaging of the new product blue diamond of Zhangjiakou cigarette factory is still mainly blue. As soon as the product is put into the market, it will be deeply loved by consumers. It is often in short supply, and the effect is much better than that of red diamond and Purple Diamond when they are listed. Managers understand customers and consumers about the performance of pressure testing machines and the effectiveness projects provided by the enterprise, and generally reflect that blue diamond has a low price in blue packaged cigarettes and can be accepted by most people. The most common problem reflected by customers is: freshness. Because blue is popular, people like it better than other cigarettes at the same price

in the final analysis, it is not difficult to see that cigarettes, like other commodities, have different popularity in packaging at different times

complex experiments such as cyclic loading and unloading. Of course, many people don't understand the popularity of cigarette packaging, and think that this special commodity should only let the quality and years of well-known and old brands conquer customers, rather than like clothes, shoes and hats, a new style and a popular color every year

however, in the case of continuous renovation and improvement of cigarette packaging, we should treat this popularity correctly, because everything has its development process, and any commodity has its consumer group. As long as it can be accepted by the consumer group and bring satisfaction to the consumer group, then why not make cigarette packaging popular

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