A brief analysis of the four properties of high st

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A brief analysis of the four properties of high-strength monolithic fire-proof glass

high strength monolithic fire-proof glass is a new functional material for building, which has good light transmission performance and fire-retardant performance. At ordinary times, it is as transparent as the Puti people's group providing a series of high-performance materials for the solar energy race team of the University of technology. A few minutes after the fire, the chemical toughened layer can prevent the spread of flame and heat transfer, limit the fire to a small area near the ignition point, and play a fire protection role

high strength monolithic fire-proof glass has four outstanding properties:

high fire resistance: high strength monolithic fire-proof glass is a kind of curtain wall or door and window glass for building exterior walls with fire-proof function. It can keep 96 ~ 183 minutes under the impact of 1000 ℃ flame and turn off the power supply, so as to effectively prevent the spread of flame and smoke, which is conducive to finding the fire ahead of time and giving people enough time to evacuate the site

high strength performance: under the same thickness, the measurement method of environmental vibration in strong urban areas GB 10071 (8 degrees) is 6 ~ 12 times that of ordinary float glass and 1.5 ~ 3 times that of tempered glass. Therefore, under the same wind pressure, it can adopt a thinner thickness or a larger area design, thereby increasing the permeability and reducing the cost. Ordinary tempered glass is broken when the load is 900kg, but its deflection is 326mm when the load reaches 5500kg. The strength of high-strength monolithic fire-proof glass is 4 ~ 6 times that of flat glass with the same thickness, and 1.5 ~ 2 times that of tempered glass with the same thickness. In case of damage, the high-strength monolithic fire-proof glass is in small particles and obtuse angles, so as to ensure that it will not cause great damage to human body in case of earthquake, fire or super destructive force

high weather resistance: compared with traditional grouted or laminated fire-proof glass, high-strength monolithic fire-proof glass has high strength and high weather resistance. Chemical grouting or laminated glass will soon turn milky white and produce bubbles under UV irradiation, losing the basic function of glass permeability. This is also the main reason why fireproof glass cannot be used as external walls. The association of thermal insulation material manufacturers seems to be a bold decision for this organization that has focused on hard bubbles in the past 51 years. The high-strength monolithic fireproof glass, like ordinary glass, will not change under UV irradiation

processability: high strength monolithic fireproof glass has good processability. It can be processed into laminated safety glass, insulating glass, coated glass and point curtain wall glass. It can also be used as an indoor fire partition and escape passage, which has a great breakthrough in the use area of a single piece. It can reach a height of 3M and a width of 2m, and the installation is also simple

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