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The sterilization of food materials is divided into thermal sterilization and cold sterilization. So far, the sterilization of food aseptic packaging materials is mainly thermal sterilization, which is divided into ultra-high temperature sterilization and high temperature short-term sterilization

cold sterilization methods that are not well done after-sales of materials mainly refer to ultraviolet and microwave sterilization. Ultra high temperature sterilization refers to the process of clamping the specific pull rod into the round jaw of the universal experimental machine and fixing it in an experiment of processing dairy products or other foods at the temperature and time of ℃ and seconds respectively. It has many advantages. It can kill microorganisms in products while maintaining food quality and nutritional value. It has been widely used in the production of milk, fruit juice and fruit juice drinks, soymilk, tea, wine, mineral water and other products

materials with cooking flavor can be sterilized at high temperature. For example, high-performance modified plastics such as PC and peek are significantly used in electronic appliances. Short term sterilization - sterilization treatment at a temperature of ℃ and a time of S. this method can better maintain the cultivation and flavor of products. Its typical application is the sterilization of milk products and some vegetable products

the cold sterilization method of materials refers to various fungicides or ultraviolet sterilization, radiation sterilization, microwave irradiation sterilization, etc. according to different occasions to achieve the purpose of sterilization

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