A brief analysis of the characteristics and purcha

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A brief analysis of the characteristics and purchasing skills of glass glue

glass glue is the key material for bonding and sealing various glasses with other substrates. It is mainly divided into two categories: silicone adhesive and polyurethane adhesive (PU). Silicone adhesives are also divided into acid adhesives and neutral adhesives. Neutral adhesives include structural adhesives, sealants and weather resistant adhesives. Polyurethane adhesive is divided into adhesive and sealant

glass glue is the most frequently used auxiliary material in the process of home decoration. It is used in the operations of art glass bonding cabinet countertops and kitchen walls, fixed basins and toilets. At this time, it should be noted that different glass adhesives with different properties are applicable to different situations. If you use the wrong glass glue, it will cause the glue strip to break, mildew, and even troubles such as water leakage of art glass and table top. Therefore, when buying glass glue, you must read the instructions and buy according to your own needs

when using glass adhesive for art glass, it should be noted that acidic glass adhesive will release irritant gas during curing, which is irritating to human eyes and respiratory tract. Alcohol based neutral adhesive releases methanol during curing. Methanol has potential carcinogenic risk and is a known skin and respiratory allergen. Volatile gas will cause "eye, nose and throat inflammation". The load loading and maintaining system completes the loading and control of the experimental force, so that this product should be used in a well ventilated environment. The fully cured glass adhesive has no danger

when purchasing glass glue, you can identify the quality of glass glue by smell, specific gloss, particle inspection, bubble inspection, curing effect inspection, test tension and viscosity. Generally, the glass glue of big brands is not only more stable in quality, but also does not emit pungent smell, which can ensure the health of all people who come into contact with the product

it can form an anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the object

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