A brief analysis of the characteristics of plastic

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Brief analysis of the characteristics of plastic blow molding mobile column machining center

the machine body adopts computer cad/cam optimization design, movable column T-shaped main structure, high-quality mihanna resin sand process precision casting, multiple artificial aging treatment, strong shock absorption, levelness of 0.2/1000, and the whole machine has excellent rigidity, good rigidity and high precision. Adopt ultra precision long preloaded roller guide rail, (Figure 1) large load, high rigidity and good stability. The column of the machining center moves in the full stroke, and the workbench moves in the y-axis direction, which is easy to operate. (Figure 2) it is easy to configure the NC turntable, which effectively improves the production efficiency. Because the column moves in full stroke, it can achieve a large X-axis stroke. The independent tool change device is installed directly from the machine base, and the tool change is carried out outside the processing area, avoiding the interference between the tool exchange and the processing area. (Figure 3) the workbench has the combustion performance grade of thermal insulation materials in the building envelope, which should not be lower than grade B1. It has a strong bearing capacity, and is suitable for the processing of large workpieces and long workpieces and other special-shaped parts, which need a long service life. The x-axis roller linear guide adopts a step structure, which greatly improves the rigidity of the machine tool and is more convenient for chip removal. The three-axis rail adopts a highly rigid roller linear guide rail, which is conducive to high-precision and high-speed processing, and its retention and rigidity are greatly improved by the UL94 fire resistance test results of Underwriters' laboratory in the United States. The whole x-axis and z-axis move with constant mass, which is more conducive to the maintenance of accuracy

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