A brief analysis of the development trend of packa

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A brief analysis of the development trend of packaging technology and the demand for automation system

first, what will never change

packaging machinery is the most extensive and changing market, because the production of the objects targeted by packaging machinery is changing all the time, such as the materials (plastic, glass, metal, paper), capacity (100ml, 100mg, 1L, 1kg), shape (round, square, abnormal), No other machinery manufacturing industry has so many changes in the packaging portfolio (such as internal bottled drugs, external boxed drugs, etc., and larger boxes). Moreover, according to the different packaging objects and materials, many packaging fields are also divided

1. Food and beverage - this includes daily food packaging such as beer, cola, Baijiu, milk, chocolate, coffee, eggs, candy, mineral water, etc

2. Corrugated packaging - including corrugated equipment, cutting equipment, folding boxes, pasting boxes, ordering boxes and other equipment

3. Pharmaceutical packaging - for example, blister packaging of tablets, injections, preparations in boxes, bags, bottles, etc

4. Tobacco packaging - this includes changes in soft boxes, hard boxes, strip packaging, cartons, etc

5. Fresh keeping packaging - milk, yogurt, fruit, eggs, etc.

all these packaging changes pose a challenge to the machinery and control system. How to adapt to these changes

II. The development trend of packaging technology and the demand for automation system

1 Requirements of online production

online production is to combine the original discrete units into a continuous production process, eliminating the handling, storage and other links of materials in the production process, reducing logistics and eliminating intermediate logistics links, thus greatly improving efficiency

on chinabrew in 2010, Krones, the world's most famous provider of overall solutions for filling lines, exhibited their integrated machines, which will form a production line of bottle blowing, cleaning, testing, filling, capping, labeling, hot film packaging, stacking and packing. In this way, beverage manufacturers can produce at the highest speed, because the turnover time of the entire intermediate link of production is cancelled, The efficiency of the whole plant has been greatly improved. In addition, the whole production process is monitored by a strict management system, and the data can be integrated into a large whole plant architecture, so that the quality data and energy consumption data in the whole production process can be analyzed in real time, and the process improvement and quality traceability can be carried out, all of which can greatly improve the efficiency of the whole production system

at the corrugated paper exhibition, we also saw that domestic manufacturers have developed machines that integrate slotting printing, die cutting, box pasting and palletizing of corrugated board, which have greatly improved the efficiency of the whole production process, including pre printing flexographic technology, as well as the integration of face paper and corrugated line, so that corrugated board can be cut directly without subsequent printing, which not only improves the efficiency, It also improves the quality, because the pre printing technology can better maintain the strength of the corrugated surface

in the production line of baby diapers, the unwinding, cutting, pressing, slicing, stacking, packaging, heat sealing and packing of various materials are combined, which can quickly produce various products

the requirements for automation in online production are as follows:

1) Open and flexible interface design: an open system can be connected to various sensors, instruments and security systems, which not only includes the interconnection between devices, but also includes the interconnection ability with upper erp/mes, CIMS and other systems, including open interfaces such as OPC server, connection with database, etc

2.) Flexible hardware design - first of all, there must be a complete product line to meet the production of various control systems. The battery cost accounts for 30% of the total cost of the car. For example, the GMC of BR includes the control of synchronous servo, asynchronous servo, DC, stepping, and the report format for testers to choose their own preferences (the built-in excel report function of the test program expands the pattern of the previous single professional report) hydraulic pressure, etc, It also includes the support capabilities of robots and CNC libraries

2. More flexible production: rapid process switching

because table 1 shows the emission performance of typical polypropylene (PP) resins and additives, and the huge change ability of the loading object, it poses a huge challenge to the flexibility of the production system. On the one hand, the process should be switched quickly, on the other hand, there is no need to design a new machine for a new production, which is reflected in the adaptability of the production system, The flexibility of the production system is not only reflected in the organization and process optimization of the production plant, but also in the implementation of the automation system, which provides rapid process switching and the expansion of the production range. In this respect, the contribution of motion control technology is quite huge. How does motion control change the flexibility of production system? We can see from several examples:

2.1 cutting: the most common packaging action is the heat sealing action. This unit exists in both horizontal and vertical food packaging machinery, and the cutting action changes the size and pressure, which are most easily realized in motion control, because this can be achieved only by changing the torque output value of the cutting size and pressure, The original system needs to be mechanically adjusted according to the changes of parameters

2.2 filling: the system can automatically adjust the filling process according to the capacity demand of the bottle, and modify the action logic of each valve according to different beverages such as carbonated beverages, beer and water, which are very simple for the automatic system

for control technology, for example, acopos of motion control of BR can realize the switching of electronic cams, which can move and calculate at the same time - it relies on real-time communication technology to ensure the rapid switching of the relationship between various motion axes and realize the process switching ability

3. Safety technology

with the end users and the government paying attention to personal safety, the safety of the system must be paid attention to, which is mandatory, especially if Chinese packaging machinery manufacturers want to enter the European market, this must be considered

according to IEC61508, the safety technology in the whole product life cycle is defined, and the corresponding methods and standards are defined from the whole process of system safety identification, evaluation, system design, testing, operation, maintenance and removal, including en 6260161784, which defines the whole safety design, and the adjustable speed distance defined in En is measured by the rotating photoelectric encoder, that is, the SLS, SS1, SS2 of safe motion, Definition of SBC, etc

for this reason, all automation manufacturers have introduced safelogic, safe motion and safety fieldbus technologies that meet sil3 and pl e levels, and it is worth mentioning that opensafety technology introduced by BR can run on different fieldbus and Ethernet technologies, which can be used by end users and machinery manufacturers, And it is an open source technology


OMAC organization is an international organization jointly established by world-renowned packaging users such as p g, netstle, Coca Cola and well-known automation manufacturers Rockwell AB, Siemens, b r, etc. it has been committed to making packaging machinery have a consistent operation interface, and has a public modular design in the program, so that end producers such as p g, Coca Cola, Netstle and others can operate freely when installing the mechanical system and electrical system of any manufacturer, because all operation interfaces are designed to be unified, and anyone can quickly operate the machine. Even for maintenance personnel, the modularization and openness of the software also enable them to quickly modify the program and adjust the program for process adjustment

packml defines the different states of the machine, such as starting, suspended, stopping, aborted, etc. the operation process of the machine is the switching and combination between these processes. No matter how complex the operation of the machine is, it shows the operator a simple and easy to learn picture

at the same time, OMAC also defines the unified architecture of the hardware design of the machine system, including various system designs based on PC, PLC and driver as the control center

unified and standard operation is the future development demand of packaging machinery, and the participation of large-scale end users is bound to realize this trend

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