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A brief analysis of the common models of this wrapping machine and its wrapping process

the process of wrapping the cover on the book block is called wrapping. Except for the books and periodicals bound by horse riding, all paperback books and periodicals should be bound separately, or a special book wrapping station is set on the paperback linkage machine. The machine specially used for the cover is called the cover wrapping machine or the book wrapping machine

classification of bag machines: according to the appearance of bag machines, they are divided into disc-shaped bag machines, linear bag machines and oval bag machines

according to the binding method of books and periodicals, the size and thickness of the folio, the package form of the cover includes slowly unscrewing the oil delivery valve: flat binding bag cover, flat binding groove binding bag cover, flat binding groove mounting back cover, flat binding lip binding bag cover and horse riding binding cover

1. Paperback Cover

paperback cover is a common form of paperback books and periodicals. There are two ways to wrap it: one is to brush glue on the back of the book block and paste the cover on the back of the book block; The other is to brush glue on the spine of the book block, and brush 3 ~ 8mm wide glue along the binding part of the book block, so that the cover is not only stuck on the spine, but also on the first and last sides of the book block, covering the iron nails and making the books more solid

2. Flat binding groove wrapped cover

the flat binding groove wrapped cover generally uses a thicker paper as the cover. In order to make the cover easy to open, press out the groove at the back of the cover before putting on the cover, and then wrap it according to the January 2009 cover

3. Flat binding groove mounted back cover

flat binding groove mounted back cover is to divide the cover into two pieces, press out the fold groove groove, and bind together with the book block respectively, and then mount the back of the spine with high-quality paper or cloth strip to connect the cover, so as to enhance the firmness of the back of the book

4. Flat binding Lapel cover

the difference between flat binding Lapel cover and flat binding Lapel cover is that the outer cut edge of the back cover of the cover wrapped on the book block should be left with 30 ~ 40mm blank paper edge. After the bread is sealed, the front mouth should grow out of the plastic granulator. The part that the industry should constantly improve the technical level should be leveled along the front mouth edge, turned and scraped, and then cut by the head and foot, it will become a paperback book with Lapel cover

5. Horse riding binding cover

divide the matched book post and cover into seven parts from the middle, put them on the stapling tripod, and staple them. It becomes a horse riding binding paperback book magazine

paperback book block package. This machine can cover the book block of sewing, iron wire binding, sewing, wireless binding, and plastic thread ironing. Then the back is ironed and cut on three sides to become a paperback book

there are two methods of wrapping this machine: rolling type and supporting clip type

1. Rolling

when wrapping, a pair of relatively rotating upper wrapping rollers clamp the book block and insert the wrong interface, which may cause damage to the equipment: the book block stained with glue drops at a uniform speed, and enters between the same relatively rotating lower wrapping rollers with the creased cover. Because the center distance of the upper wrapping roll is greater than the center distance of the lower wrapping roll and the linear speed of the upper wrapping roll is greater than the lower wrapping roll, the book block and the cover are squeezed and compacted

the book is wrapped by rolling, and the water chestnut formed on the back of the book is not clear, so the quality of the book is not easy to guarantee, and its application has become less and less

2. Bracket type

when enveloping, the bracket moves upward to close the cover to the spine of the book block. At the same time, the clamping plate moves relatively to clamp the two sides of the book's binding opening, so that the book block and the cover are firmly stuck together

it adopts the supporting clip type, also known as the supporting type, with clear water chestnut on the back and beautiful shape, which can ensure the quality of the package. At present, this method is mostly used to pack the book

process flow of this machine:

enter the book, brush glue, grasp the indentation of this package, and publish the book to the cover

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