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Common fallacies of color management system

now color management is applied more and more widely in printing enterprises, but in reality, many users will make mistakes in one way or another because of improper use. Here I will give some examples of frequent mistakes and explain them to you

fallacy 1: color management system is software

color management system (CMS) is not just software. The broad sense of color management includes the operating system supporting color management (such as apple computer and Microsoft Windows), color management software (or color management module/colormanagementmodule CMM), device feature profile, application software (supporting color management, such as photoshop5, freehand8, quarkxpress4, etc.), and all hardware devices involved in the production process, such as computers, color screens, printers Printing machines and color measuring instruments, etc. In addition to tools, an effective color management system should also include color low-temperature thermostatic bath. Regular cleaning should be done and color management process plan should be made

fallacy 2: color management system is only used by large companies

color management system does not necessarily require huge investment. At present, a complete set of color management tools mainly include mechanical stripping method, oxidation-reduction method, chemical vapor deposition method, solvent method, solution method and so on, which can range from tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars to more than hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars. Tools with hundreds of thousands of dollars and tools with tens of thousands of dollars do not necessarily have a great difference in the quality of color management

fallacy 3: color management is not consistent with traditional printing

color management can not only be published and operated on the desk, but also combined with traditional printing. Although it is easier to carry out color management by publishing on the desk, as long as the traditional equipment is controlled and standardized, it can also be used to manufacture characteristic files for traditional equipment, which can be used more than 100000 times, so as to integrate into color management

fallacy 4: color management is only used by experts

the market has color management tools for professional users, as well as tools for general users. Usually, color management tools are accompanied by instructions. Users can learn and absorb experience step by step according to the instructions, and they can also successfully manage color

myth 5: color management is just a theory, impractical

although the color management system with open architecture has been available for only a few years, the relevant knowledge has developed for decades. The color management software can match the actual work situation, and the design is quite comprehensive. In the past few years, some magazines have reported real cases, proving that color management is realistic

myth 6: all color management software are not very different

although most color management software support ICC, they can be very different. First, color management software may have different precision. For example, when manufacturing characteristic files, some software only uses dozens of colors, while composite materials are difficult to calculate due to their inherent inconsistency, while others use thousands of colors. Second, color management software can be used for gamutmapping in different ways. Third, the working efficiency of the software. Some software packages choose special positions for color conversion in order to increase working efficiency. Fourth, some software packages are for experts or researchers, with more and complex settings, while others are designed for general users and are easier to operate

fallacy 7: the feature file is eternal.

the feature file describes the performance of a certain device processing color. After a period of time, the performance of the equipment changes due to aging, so it is necessary to re-establish its characteristic file for the equipment on a regular basis. The old feature files can be cleared to avoid confusion

myth 8: color management is like a magic wand, which can copy colors 100%

color management is not magic, and it must not copy the colors of the original 100%. (assuming that the original and the copy are different media). However, through the color screen, color management can give users softproofing. In addition, it is also very important for the company that color management can ensure the consistent effect of each production

fallacy 9: color management can improve the performance of equipment

color management is just to calibrate the equipment and characterize the required equipment, so as to carry out color conversion to the color management module (CMM). Color management only enables the device to display normal and output accurate colors, and cannot make the device output exceed its color range

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