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China is the largest tobacco producer and consumer in the world, and the production and sales of cigarettes and the growth rate of cigarettes rank second in the world, which is of great significance to strengthening "made in China". Due to the high profits of tobacco products, some outlaws manufacture and sell fake cigarettes driven by exorbitant profits, causing huge losses to the country, enterprises and consumers. According to statistics, the losses caused by counterfeiting, forgery and smuggling in China's tobacco industry are up to several billion yuan every year. Therefore, many cigarette manufacturing enterprises have invested a lot of money in packaging materials, plate making, printing, processing and other links to take some anti-counterfeiting measures, and achieved certain results

at present, the commonly used anti-counterfeiting technologies in the field of cigarette package printing are:

1. Pre press design anti-counterfeiting

2. Printing process anti-counterfeiting

3. Printing consumables anti-counterfeiting

4. Post press processing anti-counterfeiting

5. Other anti-counterfeiting technologies

1. Pre press design anti-counterfeiting

mainly uses the software and design plate making system of famous brands such as Barco, Montaigne and founder to carry out anti-counterfeiting design

prepress design anti-counterfeiting technology includes: Rainbow shading, relief shading, anti copy shading, gradient shading, lace, flower group button, border, miniature text, mask unlocking technology, rainbow multicolor printing, front and back face printing, etc

II. Printing process anti-counterfeiting

combination of various printing methods: offset printing, flexo printing, printing, gravure printing, digital printing and other printing processes are used on a cigarette label at the same time, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is much higher than that of a cigarette label using a single printing method

special printing technology is adopted:

(1) stereo printing: integrating grating stereo imaging technology and printing process, planar printing images can present a unique visual experience of stereo vision and edge change

(2) miniature printing: print extremely small words on a solid line or dotted line that looks like ordinary printing, or a printing point or a part of the shading pattern, and use a magnifying glass or microscope to read out the miniature words, codes or images. Counterfeiters are difficult to replicate accurately

(3) engraving gravure printing: making gravure printing plates by engraving. Its plate making process is complex, printing is very difficult, and it is difficult to copy and forge. Example: jinshasu cigarette of Xuzhou cigarette factory. The anti-counterfeiting measures of engraving gravure printing light variable ink are adopted on its sealing label, which mainly includes the light variable gold/red color changing pattern surrounded by the flower decoration. While highlighting the anti-counterfeiting of gravure printing, the sealing label is also very coordinated with the packaging design

(4) others: Rainbow printing, pattern docking, pair printing, wiring printing, multicolor overprint, special gloss printing, hidden image and image mixing anti-counterfeiting printing, etc

III. printing consumables anti-counterfeiting

paper anti-counterfeiting:

(1) fiber paper: add colored fiber filaments in the paper manufacturing process, and colored fibers can be seen under ordinary light or some special light sources

(2) watermark paper: paper with light and dark texture, graphics or words made by changing the density of pulp fiber in the process of papermaking production. It is widely used in the printing of banknotes in various countries. Such as Guiyang cigarette factory: gold medal Huangguoshu, etc

(3) holographic transfer paper: ordinary holographic transfer paper and positioning holographic transfer paper

ordinary holographic transfer paper: make holographic paper by transferring the continuously arranged holographic film, and then print on the holographic paper. 4. The connection of each pipeline or valve may become loose due to the vibration of the pressure explosion testing machine in the transportation process. The surface of laser holographic paper is non absorbable. When printing, it is agreed to produce the horizontal horizontal tensile structure of relaxation testing machine, which has problems such as dirt, sticking, color explosion, etc. cigarette package printing enterprises must strengthen process control when adopting this kind of technology. Honghe V8, Huangshan Mandi gold, flagship jiaozi, Huanghelou, Liqun, etc.

positioning holographic transfer paper: make a holographic master by positioning and typesetting part of the hologram to be used in the cigarette bag, mold out the holographic film, and then make a positioning holographic printing paper by compounding or transferring, and carry out accurate alignment printing on the holographic paper. It requires high alignment accuracy, and only a few enterprises have developed better products. Such as white sand, five leaf God, etc

(4) other anti-counterfeiting papers: holographic composite paper, magnetic anti-counterfeiting paper, thermal anti-counterfeiting paper, photochromic anti-counterfeiting paper, etc

ink anti-counterfeiting:

(1) luminous ink: it is made of long afterglow rare earth luminescent materials through high-tech means. After absorbing sunlight for min during the day, it will automatically continue to glow for more than 10h, so it can still glow at night. For example, the fire wolf logo on the original Gutian cigarette bag (now changed to Gutian seven wolves) of Longyan Cigarette Factory

(2) fluorescent ink: the ink made of fluorescent pigment converts ultraviolet short wave into longer visible light, thus reflecting more dazzling colors. A special high-quality red flag canal cigarette sign with a hard flip can be observed under the frying machine, and a red sun can be seen on the red flag canal

(3) temperature variable ink: also known as thermochromic ink, thermal ink or temperature indicating ink, it is divided into reversible thermochromic (or achromatic) ink and irreversible thermochromic (achromatic) ink. Thermochromic ink is a special functional material made of color changing substances and other auxiliary components. This material has the characteristics that the color changes with temperature. For example, the small square around the lion's head of hongshishi cigarette bag in Xiamen cigarette factory will become shallow when the temperature rises and return to the original when the temperature recovers. The cardboard in the stone lion (New) box is centered on the red stone lion pattern. When heated, the red stone lion pattern will turn into gold, and the background color will recover after cooling. Red aloes lining paper, burn it with fire, the red disappears, and the red recovers after the fire is withdrawn

(4) optical variable ink (Ovi): also known as optical variable ink and chameleon, the print color block presents a pair of colors, such as red green, green blue, gold silver, etc., looking directly or sideways under white light. With the change of human eye angle, it presents two different colors, with strong light variation characteristics, large color difference changes, obvious characteristics, and can be recognized without any instruments and equipment. The printing features cannot be imitated by any other ink and printing method, and the anti-counterfeiting reliability is very strong. Therefore, it is designated by many countries in the world for the anti-counterfeiting of currencies and securities with the most stringent requirements and the greatest difficulty. Some famous domestic manufacturers have also been used for packaging anti-counterfeiting

features of ink anti-counterfeiting technology: simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors and convenient inspection

IV. post press processing anti-counterfeiting

laser holographic hot stamping technology: it effectively realizes the perfect unity of anti-counterfeiting and packaging decoration, which can not only effectively prevent counterfeiting, but also play a role in transmitting product information and highlighting brand image, and occupies a very important position in cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting and packaging

one time forming technology of hot stamping concave convex: make concave convex plate, hot stamping plate and bottom mold in advance, and form it at one time during operation

two dimensional embossing technology: using different directions of lines, the thickness and spacing of lines are made into central divergent, rotating, wavy, etc. these small days are made into metal plates through physical or chemical action, which are embossed on gold, silver paperboard or other materials to produce multi-level sparkle or two-dimensional three-dimensional patterns at any angle, which are dazzling and glittering

anti counterfeiting technology of plate pattern hot stamping: laser engraving fine texture on the hot stamping plate to achieve the effect that it is difficult to copy

v. other anti-counterfeiting technologies:

1. Random code anti-counterfeiting technology

uses random code combination as anti-counterfeiting identification. Its unique response technology can prevent crimes within the enterprise, effectively solve the problems of fixing and regularity of identification identification identification, ensure the compatibility and safety of heterogeneous networks, and improve the real-time and reliability of cigarette factory production line entry. For example, Shijiazhuang cigarette factory has adopted random code anti-counterfeiting technology

2.8. the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil delivery valve has low stiffness or the throttling needle cavity has blockage. Laser code spraying anti-counterfeiting technology

use the world's advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and equipment, and set anti-counterfeiting signs or specific numbers at specific positions of the box label. Features: the pattern or number is clear, there is no convex or concave feeling when touching, and the ink is not easy to erase. For example, Bengbu cigarette changhuangshan series cigarette labels are sprayed with a ski like pattern at the bottom of the cigarette label. Most cigarette labels in Xiamen cigarette factory and Hongqiqu cigarette labels in Anyang cigarette factory adopt code spraying digital anti-counterfeiting technology

3. Anti counterfeiting technology of gold stay wire

invented and put into use in the 1950s, it is the line used to open the cigarette packaging box at one end of the cigarette box. At the same time, it can organically integrate many technologies such as laser molding, holographic encryption, special fluorescence, image and text microfilming, computer recognition and so on. It has a certain anti-counterfeiting function, and it can also design and manufacture anti-counterfeiting gold stay wire with different characters and patterns according to user requirements, It plays a good role in cracking down on counterfeit cigarettes. Generally, the gold stay wire has good heat sealing property, no obvious color difference, balanced winding, no distortion, flat rubbing, no separation, etc

4. Digital watermarking anti-counterfeiting technology

is a new anti-counterfeiting technology developed in recent years. It directly adds digital watermarks to cigarette boxes and bags in the process of plate making or printing. Consumers can identify them directly through the detection tools distributed to each point of sale. The relevant parts of the enterprise master special detection and extraction software, which can facilitate high-level authentication and detection. This technology has four anti-counterfeiting functions:

anti counterfeiting system: Digital hidden storage and identification technology is a cutting-edge computer technology. Enterprises or individuals who can master this technology are very limited, and the encryption and decryption methods used in different application ranges are different. Therefore, it is almost impossible to crack this technology

copy proof: encrypted information is formed based on a unique algorithm and needs to be identified by professional detection instruments. Even high-resolution color copiers and color laser printers cannot copy

anti transfer: it is closely combined with cigarette bags to ensure that the product packaging can be used once, which can effectively prevent the transfer of other uses

anti erasure: the anti-counterfeiting information is directly hidden in the cigarette packaging, and it cannot be modified from the outside

the use of digital watermarking technology has no special requirements for printing equipment, does not need to change printing materials and equipment, does not change printing process, and does not increase printing costs, so it has broad application prospects and significant economic benefits

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