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Southwest futures energy and chemical Weekly - Shanghai Jiaotong performance was weak, falling sharply again 04 13

the market focuses on fuel oil: crude oil rose sharply this week and hit another record high in the session. Crude oil prices closed higher this week due to the sharp decline in crude oil inventories and the lack of refinery capacity. However, there was a slight decline on Tuesday and Thursday, mainly due to some profit taking and the rebound of the US dollar, but the decline was not large. Crude oil prices continued to soar on Wednesday, hitting an all-time high of $112.2 due to the unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories seen from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder

eia announcement shows that the inventory of crude oil and oil products in the United States fell sharply last week, due to Japan's Toray company to enhance its production capacity of PPS materials, imports decreased, and the production pace of domestic refineries was slow. For the week ended April 4, U.S. commercial crude oil inventories decreased by 3.2 million barrels to 316million barrels, an increase of 2.2 million barrels originally expected by the market However, the inventory level was about 5% lower than that of the same period last year when this item had little impact on the price (except for the door type)

fuel is expected to rise slightly this week, and its performance is significantly weaker than that of the external market. The main month 806 fluctuated in a narrow range this week, approaching the previous high, and the upper pressure increased. The market lacked new positive news to support the oil price to break through the resistance level. Shanghai's fuel oil inventory this week was 119493 tons, down only 300 tons from last week. At present, the medium and long-term trend of fuel oil inventory is still maintained in the rising channel, and the price difference structure of recent premium is maintained. However, the fuel market is lack of popularity and transactions are rare. Whether it can follow the make-up market of crude oil price still needs more funds. It is suggested to continue to wait and see and wait for new trading opportunities

rubber: Rubber fell sharply this Sunday. Affected by the good news of the depreciation of the yen on Monday, the rubber price temporarily stood at 290 yen, but the trading volume did not increase. In the next three days, the fund was short sold due to the appreciation of the yen, and the price also fell below 290 yen. Rubber prices rebounded slightly on Friday, driven by the fund's profit taking and the rise in spot prices. In the short term, if there is no new guidance, it is expected that the Japanese glue will be traded within a narrow range of the yen, and we should pay close attention to whether the glue price can be supported at 280 yen

this week, the Shanghai rubber market also showed a sharp downward trend. After falling below the key support level of 22000, it triggered a large number of selling, and short sellers continued to suppress the market. Technically, it has become a short position pattern, breaking down. On the fundamentals, as the main rubber production area approaches the rubber cutting day, the supply will increase. The stock of the exchange was about 65000 tons, down 6000 tons from last week, but the whole stock is still at a historical high. At present, the performance of the rubber industry is weak, especially the export volume of some tire enterprises has decreased due to the decline of American automobile sales, and the inventory of enterprises has increased compared with the same period last year. Under the influence of these bad news, it is expected that rubber will also decline weakly. It is suggested to continue to wait and see and wait for new trading opportunities

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