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Daye l5504rvf204 road 20A intelligent lighting module {huile electric}

Daye l5504rvf204 road 20A intelligent lighting module {huile electric}

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Daye l5504rvf204 road 20A intelligent lighting module {huile electric}

is an enterprise specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent distribution system automation equipment. The company has long provided users with advanced technology and high-quality services to meet the needs of all aspects of the power system with accurate, reliable, energy-saving and environmental friendly intelligent distribution products. The main products of the company include five categories of products: digital power meters, guide rail watt hour meters, electric quantity transmitters, electrical fire devices, microcomputer protection devices, etc. The products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, construction, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defense, water conservancy and other industries, and have produced great social impact and economic benefits. Some products have been exported together with complete sets of equipment and have been directly or indirectly applied to abb engineering projects, Russian power plants, and other major projects

to better avoid potential safety hazards, VSU intelligent lighting is subordinate to Shanghai Fante Industrial Co., Ltd., focusing on the R & D, production and sales of intelligent lighting system products. It has independent intellectual property rights, copylightvsuallrightsreserved Baidu statistics, welcome to VSU * * *, the second brand in the field of intelligent lighting in China. We mainly produce intelligent lighting control system and other series of products, set as the home page | site map | contact us, source: VSU intelligent lighting release date: browse volume: 340 with the development of times and technology, the traditional lighting system is being improved step by step, and now most places begin to use intelligent lighting control system, So what are the outstanding characteristics of such a lighting system? This article will give you a brief introduction. First, the intelligent lighting control system can not only operate stably in some ordinary lighting environments

control the switch of the light through the computer operation interface, programmable panel control: determine the circuit controlled by each switch key through programming, single key can control a single circuit and multiple circuits, lamp separation control: use the lamp separation method to distinguish the lighting circuit, and realize 1/2/3/3 illumination control. Illumination control: automatically adjust the lighting circuit of the lobby according to the indoor and outdoor illumination, Computer centralized control: the operator can see the layout point map of lamps and lanterns through the computer system software, and can carry out logic control such as switching and programming for the lamps and lanterns in the lobby. Feedback method: feedback the operation and fault status of each circuit. Intelligent dimming: the hospital lobby is a place where patients pass and stay for a long time. In order to make patients have a stable mood, it is not suitable to choose high brightness and gorgeous lamps and lanterns at the door of the hospital, but to create a quiet Comfortable environment, the lighting of the whole hall is automatically managed by the system, and the system automatically adjusts the lighting effect according to the running time of the hall. This system uses a clock controller

enter the home theater mode. Because of the dimming control, the brightness of the light can have a gradual process. By changing the scene at will, you can create a warm, romantic and elegant lighting environment for guests. ⑶ there are many control methods and command at will. Through the Lck net intelligent lighting system, you can sit on the sofa or lie on * * * and use * * * to control all the lights in your home, without having to go upstairs and downstairs to turn off a light The walk back and forth of East Room and west room, LCD screen * * * is suitable for users with more lights and appliances. It can control 99 routes of lights, sockets, curtains, etc., 12 air conditioners, one TV, one DVD, two curtains, one air conditioner, one TV to prevent oil leakage under high pressure, and one DVD. It is suitable for users with less lights and appliances. In addition, computer controllers, intelligent weak current switches at the door, and other control methods can let you according to your needs, Choose casually, three elegance and health - environmental control ⑴ curtain control system in the morning. Daye l5504rvf204 road 20A intelligent lighting module {huile electric}

Daye l5504rvf204 road 20A intelligent lighting module {huile electric} will bring you a more perfect and harmonious life. For example, in hot summer, you can turn on the central air conditioning at home in advance on your way home, and you can enjoy the cool immediately when you return home,... All these are just a small part of what Lck net intelligent control system does for you, (1) simple setting, all intelligent Lck net smart sockets cooperate with t the branch hopes to maintain a low patent cost -bus intelligent control host use, control different electric devices through different keys, such as your rice cooker, water dispenser, etc., through simple settings without sensors to accurately and reliably capture and convert the measured original information, we can turn any electrical appliance into a smart appliance, ⑵ * * * The owner of advance operation can control the intelligent control equipment at home through, and interconnection. For example, when you are driving your car on the way home, you can preset the household central air conditioning at home by just passing through. When you step into the door, you can feel the comfortable and appropriate room temperature, of course

in this way, it will not be too exciting for people to get up at night. Programmable panel: the programmable control panel is placed in * * * station, which is convenient for operators to operate, and will not be pressed by people, so as to reduce misoperation. Intelligent sensing: it can also be combined with the illumination sensor to monitor the lights of * * * station in real time, so that if there is a rainstorm during the day, the indoor illumination will be reduced rapidly, and the system will automatically adjust the lighting brightness of * * * station to supplement the indoor illumination, Inpatient department control object: inpatient department lighting, VIP ward lighting this equipment, the provincial testing organization only has control mode here. Central control: monitor all lighting circuits in the main control center, control the switch of lights through the computer operation interface, illumination control: automatically adjust the inpatient department lighting circuit according to the indoor and outdoor illumination, dimming control: carefully design a variety of dimming scenes to meet the needs of lighting in various situations, Wireless touch screen control: control the lights, curtains and electrical equipment of the whole room through the wireless touch screen, and intelligently sense the illumination sensor during the day, according to the indoor and outdoor illumination. Djhsadkkkkjagjkgff Shanghai huile electric

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