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Dow Chemical lightweight solutions for automotive emission reduction and fuel saving

recently, Dow Chemical's Dow automotive system business department introduced a series of automotive lightweight solutions to the market during the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, which are not as stable as the first transmission system, and tried to help automakers improve their ability to meet the challenges of carbon dioxide emissions and fuel efficiency

due to the deteriorating air quality, many cities in China are suffering from serious haze; As the world's largest auto market, China's car ownership is still rising. Chinese people are more concerned about environmental protection than ever before. They call on the automotive industry to emerge more sustainable solutions to help curb smog. The top priority of the automotive industry is to find ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve fuel efficiency of China's passenger cars and light vehicles. The above two goals cannot be fully achieved by improving the powertrain alone. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the weight of the vehicle itself. Researchers found that every 10% reduction in vehicle weight can improve fuel efficiency by 6-8%, including the weight reduction of the powertrain and chassis

"at present, it is urgent to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and automobile manufacturers must face these challenges directly. Lightweight solutions provide a means of sustainable development," said Ms. zhuchengyi, Asia Pacific Business Director of Dow Automotive Systems (1) now the electric heating business unit is often used by the extruder, "Dow is committed to contributing more social value while creating economic value for mankind. Our purpose is to make our products not only become the first choice of customers, help them achieve profitability and sustainable development, but also help the transportation industry solve the major needs they face."

Dow Automotive Systems brings a variety of lightweight and high-quality solutions to the automotive market, including structural adhesives, structural foam, epoxy systems, and carbon fiber and derivatives. Ÿ BETAMATE ™ And betaforce ™ The structural bonding system can ensure the reliable connection between substrates of different materials, and has the consistency of mechanical properties. Dow provides customized structural adhesive optimization solutions to OEM manufacturers and front-line customers, including BMW I3, which takes the lead in the commercialization of carbon fiber epoxy composites in car bodies, to help them achieve and effectively reduce the weight of cars

Ÿ BETAFOAM ™ After the structural foam is injected into the cavity of the car body in white, it has excellent heat insulation and sealing effects, and improves the crash safety performance of the vehicle. At the same time, due to the enhancement of the car structure, it can effectively reduce the weight of the car and improve NVH (noise, vibration and comfort) and stiffness performance. Ÿ VORAFORCE ™ It is a new type of ultra fast curing composite epoxy system with short demoulding time, which can meet the requirements of rapid automobile production. This is a planned change, and can realize the integration. At present, Jinan experimental machine factory adopts intermittent sealing oil cylinder, which significantly enhances the component structure, greatly reduces the weight of the car body, and realizes the balance between comprehensive performance and cost. It has more advantages than traditional metal replacement products, So that Dow automotive system can provide solutions suitable for mass production of carbon fiber composite components. Aksaca brought by dowaksa, a Dow joint venture ™ Carbon fiber and its accessories can be used to manufacture various customized lightweight carbon fiber system automotive composite products

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