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Dow Chemical officially launched the 2010 national campus recruitment project

on October 12, Dow Chemical (and then the electromechanical control card generates the corresponding pulse frequency and pulse frequency change rate according to the instructions) Co., Ltd. officially launched the 2010 national campus recruitment project. According to the plan supported by the rapid growth of the world construction market, Dow will hold a propaganda meeting in ten cooperative colleges and universities in seven cities across the country, and sincerely invite students from all over the country to "create a green future with Dow". In addition, Dow will cooperate with Chinese talents to hold a publicity meeting on October 29

the whole campus recruitment activity lasts for three months, and more than 50 fresh graduates will be recruited

Yu Miao, director of human resources of Dow Greater China, said: "Campus recruitment has always been one of Dow's important strategies to develop and reserve talents in China. China's outstanding university graduates have outstanding talent and leadership potential, which will promote the success of the cooperation between Tao Nanjing University of technology and Nanjing xuankai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in this region. Although the current economic situation is still grim, in order to achieve this goal, we have still expanded the recruitment scale this year."

after Dow acquired Rohm and Haas, a specialty chemicals company, China has become its second largest sales market in the world. At a time when the economic environment is full of challenges, Dow will still adhere to long-term investment in China, and is committed to attracting and cultivating talents that can help its long-term development

due to the growing demand for innovation in Dow China, nearly 50% of the jobs in campus recruitment in 2010 belonged to the R & D department. In June this year, Dow's innovation and business center in the Asia Pacific region, Shanghai Dow center, was officially put into operation. According to China paint, the center has more than 80 laboratories and will have more than 700 scientific research and engineering personnel. They will work with customers to develop solutions to meet the severe challenges facing China and the world

at present, Dow is accelerating its strategic transformation towards the goal of market-oriented business model, and will devote itself to cultivating a group of business talents with professional marketing skills. Dow's "business development plan" is for college graduates and is known as the "West Point Military Academy" of Dow's marketing and sales talents. Other recruitment departments include production engineering, supply chain, information technology and human resources. Dow will provide tailored development plans for college graduates, hoping to help them fully understand the company's operating system and smoothly transform into an efficient professional

it is understood that since starting campus recruitment in China four years ago, Dow has received more than 48000 student job applications and successfully recruited 370 talents, providing strong support for the company's growth in China and the world. Dow's "people-oriented" performance culture is widely praised in China. In 2008, Dow was rated as "outstanding employer in China" by the Corporate Research Foundation International, and won the "Top50 Award for best employer for college students" issued by Chinese talents

Dow's 2010 campus lectures will be held in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, which is the main use of electronic universal experimental machines, Xi'an, Hangzhou and other places. The cooperative institutions include Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, South China University of technology, etc. (article source: universal polyurethane)

about Dow chemistry

Dow is a diversified chemical company, which uses the power of science, technology and "human elements" to continuously improve the basic elements of human progress. Dow provides a wide range of products and services to customers in 160 countries and regions around the world, and implements the principle of sustainable development in chemistry and innovation, so that customers can provide higher quality products for various consumer markets, including pure water, food, drugs, coatings, packaging, personal care products, construction, home furnishings, automobiles and many other fields. In 2008, Dow's sales reached US $57.5 billion, with 46, 000 employees worldwide. Dow has 150 factories in 35 countries around the world, producing more than 3300 products. On April 1st, 2009, Dow acquired Rohm and Haas, the world's leading manufacturer of special materials. Rohm & Haas achieved sales of US $10billion in 2008, and has 98 factories in 30 countries around the world with about 15000 employees. Unless otherwise specified, "Dow" or "company" refers to Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries

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