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Dow Chemical adheres to the energy conservation and emission reduction of "human element"

on April 1, at the media exchange meeting of Dow Chemical's sustainable development journey, theresakotancheck, the chief R & D officer of Dow Asia Pacific region, who came from Shanghai, was in high spirits, dressed in a decent brown coat and matched with leather shoes of the same color, looking particularly solemn and elegant. For the chief technology R & D officer in the Asia Pacific region, April 1 was an unusual day, and Dow's first sustainable development report for Greater China was officially released on the same day. According to eresakotanchek, this means that Dow Chemical has made a milestone breakthrough in its growth strategy in the Asia Pacific region. As the manager of the R & D department in the Asia Pacific region of the company, she felt gratified when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology. She believes that all this benefits from the company's concept of "human element": as a chemical company, survival and development depend on our relationship with the world. Only when chemical elements are combined with people, solve people's life problems, better improve people's lives, and solve the problems facing the world, such as water crisis, atmospheric emissions, energy and food crisis, etc., can the nine production lines in the charge of Section Chief Zeng be truly valuable when they are almost in full operation

the report introduces Dow's green production base in Zhangjiagang. This is Dow's core production base in China and the Asia Pacific region. Due to its excellent performance in safety, environmental protection and community relations, it was rated as "Jiangsu environmental friendly enterprise" and "national environmental friendly enterprise" in 2005 and 2006 respectively. In Zhangjiagang production base, Dow has adopted a number of advanced pollution control processes and prevention technologies to reduce waste production from the source and improve resource utilization. The comprehensive energy consumption and water consumption per unit product of the enterprise have reached the advanced level of international peers. Greenhouse gas emissions in 2009 decreased by 20.66% compared with 2008; Solid waste emissions in 2009 decreased by 14.11% compared with 2008, while sewage and carbon dioxide emissions are far below the national standards

in April 2009, Dow new coating materials, which were jointly integrated by the technology and resources of Dow Chemical and Rohm and Haas, became the world's largest supplier of raw materials for architectural coatings and industrial coatings. Since then, Dow began to integrate resources, which was unanimously regarded by the industry as a key step in Dow's strategic transformation. It has also become a representative example of Dow. New businesses include polymers, dispersants, solvents, additives, etc. And help Dow paint business department to implement a new generation of process flow to reduce energy consumption and waste emissions in its global paint product production base. At Dow, opportunity means innovation. The development of the concept of "discovery and innovation" has always been the strategic goal of Dow Chemical to adhere to sustainable development

at the upcoming Shanghai WorldExpo, Dow, as the exclusive sponsor of the chemical and materials science category of the U.S. Pavilion at the WorldExpo, will provide environmental friendly products and solutions for the U.S. Pavilion and other WorldExpo construction projects. It is reported that Dow's energy-saving and consumption reduction solutions have been applied in many Shanghai WorldExpo construction projects

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