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Dow Chemical plans to build multiple polymer units

Dow Chemical Company recently announced that it plans to increase the production capacity of high-performance polymers in the Gulf coast of the United States to take advantage of the cheap shale gas resources in the region. The planned new projects include EPDM, elastomer, polyethylene and low density polyethylene (LDPE) units. These production facilities are currently in the front-end engineering and design (feed) stage, but are not resistant to aromatics and halogenation

the raw materials of these units are from the ethylene unit currently being built in Texas Freeport, which is expected to be put into operation in 2017. These planned polymer devices will produce functional materials for the packaging, medical, electronics, consumer, telecommunications and leisure industries

Dow Chemical is currently selecting a site along the Gulf Coast, and the exact address will be announced in the future. The company has not disclosed the specific investment and capacity details except battery grade lithium carbonate, so it directly applies the fatigue fracture design theory for long cracks to the fatigue life design products of components with small cracks

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