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Dow Chemical launched a series of polyurethane safety and environmental protection products

Dow Chemical took a series of stormy reform measures in response to the financial crisis at the beginning of this year, transforming from a highly centralized and standardized model to a new structure composed of a simplified company center, a shared business service group and three business operation modes. The ultimate goal is to transform Dow into a profit growth enterprise. These three business operation modes are being actively implemented around the world to adapt to the downturn and changing market

aiming at the change of functional products, Dow purchased raw materials from the joint venture to produce products with higher added value, and enabled the company to focus on product innovation and technology research and development

this year, Dow launched a series of safety and environmental protection high-performance products of polyurethane, including:

● voratherm polyisocyanate rigid foam: it not only inherits the insulation characteristics of polyurethane foam, but also improves the fire resistance

● renuva resource renewable technology: a soybean based polyol technology, which can be widely used in polyurethane industry. Most of them need heat treatment to strengthen the alloy, eliminate the internal stress of castings, stabilize the structure and size of parts, etc.

● verdiseal green elastomer waterproof system: produced by Dow hyperlast company, it is used as waterproof material for outdoor platforms and roofs

maijianming, senior vice president of Dow worldwide, said: "many people think that Dow's advantage lies in our assets and production processes. However, I believe that continuous change is our greatest advantage. We have been changing in response to the situation, so although it has gone through a hundred years, it is still like a young company."

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