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Dow Chemical has launched solvent-free adhesives in China. At present, Dow solvent-free adhesives have been widely used in European and American countries, Latin America, India and other global markets. Applications include instant noodles, biscuits, snack foods, ham sausage and other food and non food packaging. At present, Dow Chemical's annual sales of adhesives and functional polymers reach US $1billion

solvent free adhesives will be launched in the Chinese market. Dow Chemical, a supplier of flexible packaging adhesive solutions, announced in Shanghai on May 31. In line with the food safety law of the people's Republic of China on June 1 last year, almost all the control systems of experimental machines should solve the problem of changing the mathematical model of the system caused by the diversity of test pieces, 6 The lengths, power units and display digits are dynamically interchanged to meet the increasing safety and environmental protection requirements of consumers for the food industry

with the rapid development of China's food packaging industry, in recent years. Higher requirements are put forward for adhesives used in food packaging. According to reports, based on the successful introduction of water-based adhesives in China, Dow Chemical has successfully developed solvent-free adhesives again according to the characteristics of the domestic market. Compared with traditional solvents, such as loose adhesives, the new products can eliminate the hidden dangers of solvent residues in food packaging, which is also a major energy consumer in China. At the same time, there is no VOC emission in the production process

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