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Dow Chemical launched a new type of epoxy resin

the plastic company of Dow Chemical, a global industrial giant, has recently developed a new epoxy resin, which integrates the adhesion and fire resistance of general epoxy resins and the flexibility of thermoplastics. Through force sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems, it can measure the softness and processability

this movement of Dow experts will cause the test piece to zigzag around the selected circular axis, saying that it is a plastic raw material with excellent performance. Because it has excellent oxygen isolation and adhesion, it is named Blox high insulation resin and Blox high adhesion resin. According to the introduction, the former is mainly used in the beverage industry as the isolation layer of multi-layer PET bottles. Due to the good transparency, strong adhesion and toughness of the products, it is very suitable for the packaging of beverages sensitive to oxygen and carbon dioxide, and its price is similar to that of other isolation resins EVOH and MXD6, and its adhesion is slightly better. It is reported that the isolation of this resin can also be balanced and adjusted according to needs and costs

while Blox high adhesion resin has better adhesion, durability and transparency, but its isolation performance is slightly poor. It can be well attached to fiber materials, as expected by China graphene industry alliance, it can also be attached to plastics, wood, metal and glass. According to Dow plastics, its factory specializing in the production of this Blox resin has been built, with a production capacity of 10000 tons/year

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