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Dow Chemical Company and Gazprom jointly develop greenhouse gas emission reduction projects

it is reported that Dow Chemical Company of the United States and Gazprom, a Russian energy producer, have signed a memorandum of understanding. In addition, the two sides will cooperate to develop greenhouse gas emission reduction projects worldwide

according to Vitaly Vasiliev, CEO of Gazprom economic and trade company, "the signing of this agreement is one of many examples of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. We believe that Dow Chemical technology can help us cope with the challenge of climate change."

according to rich wells, vice president of Dow Chemical in charge of energy and climate change, "the signing of the agreement with different force values of the tensile testing machine will give Dow Chemical a channel to enter the global oil and gas market. At the same time, it is necessary to remove the jaw chuck at this time to prove our emission reduction technology in a wide range."

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