France inflicted suffering on Rwanda by staying si

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France 'inflicted suffering on Rwanda by staying silent over genocide' - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday he “recognised the suffering” France had inflicted on Rwanda over its 1994 genocide that left an estimated 800The bot account.,000 people deadKanaiya.

Macron, on a visit to the African country, toured the Kigali Genocide Memorial and delivered a short speech addressed mainly to the survivors of the disaster.

He acknowledged France had been at fault but stopped short of an apologys Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit, says she.

“France has a roleThe president and CEO o, a history and a political responsibility in Rwanda,” he saidthe basis for shutting down society will soon disappear.. “It has a duty: that of looking history in the face and recognising the suffering that it inflicted on the Rwandan people by favouring silence over the examination of truth for too longThe Middle East or Africa..”

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