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Developed a new polycarbonate recycling technology

ibm uses a new way to recycle polycarbonate, such as lattice acid ester. Polycarbonate is a plastic commonly used in electronic products and daily necessities

the company's research team has developed a project called "new steps in the chemical process" - the transformation of polycarbonate on the premise of preventing the leaching of bisphenol A, a chemical used to manufacture polymers. Researchers from the company's laboratory in California said that because different test methods have their own specified parameters, heating after adding fluoride will produce a new plastic without leaching bisphenol. They call this material aryl ester sulfones

ibm: a new polycarbonate recycling technology has been developed.

workers at IBM Research Institute recycle old CDs to produce a plastic with higher temperature resistance and chemical properties than the original material. IBM says that when the powder is reconstituted, it can prevent excessive decomposition and bisphenol leaching

polycarbonate can be recycled through the following traditional methods: classified government continues to speak to boost confidence, wash and decompose (before being transformed into new products). But IBM research changed the chemical properties of the materials without worrying about bisphenol

ibm researchers said in a statement that this can not only prevent these plastics from entering the landfill, but also recycle materials to produce a new type of plastic, which can purify our water resources more safely and stably and produce medical equipment

according to IBM's prediction, 2.7 million tons of polycarbonate, which is the initial stress of plastic instability, can be produced worldwide every year

bisphenol came into the public eye in 2008. At that time, it was reported that bisphenol would leach from the materials of baby bottles

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