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Huawei West introduced the heat-resistant PET bottle technology in

2 rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt were not carefully removed before primer painting. In early July 2000, Huawei West Plastic Development Co., Ltd. imported advanced heat-resistant bottle production technology and equipment, enabling PET bottles to be hot filled, that is, under the condition of 88 ℃ to 95 ℃, Carry out hot filling of beverages At present, the equipment purchased by our company can produce various types of heat-resistant PET bottles of 0.5l-2l, which are widely applicable to the packaging of tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and carbonated drinks. The production capacity of each set of equipment is 3600 bottles/and provides additional enhanced performance hours The company plans to complete the purchase of six sets of equipment for the production of heat-resistant bottles of different models by the end of the year to meet the packaging needs and updates of international brand products in the hot filled beverage market

the company (/2/3 to 212) is a joint venture registered in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, specializing in the innovation, design and production of plastic packaging containers and injection molded products The company takes pet, PE, PP, etc. as the main raw materials, and produces plastic packaging containers widely used for various beverages, edible oil, lubricants, etc., with a year-on-year decrease of 0.9%

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