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Huawei completed the call and dual connection test based on 3GPP standard 5g commercial system

Huawei and Vodafone completed the world's first basic charter fishing and standby tariff call and dual connection test on 3GPP standard 5g commercial system

[Barcelona, Spain, February 22, 2018] Huawei and Vodafone completed the world's first call and dual connection test using non independent group (NSA) 5g NR standard and sub6 GHz spectrum. The test will also be displayed at the 2018 World Mobile Congress

the world's first 5g commercial system call test based on the 3GPP standard

the standardization organization 3GPP completed the standardization of the independent group 5g NR in December 2017, which is part of the R15 version

this test includes 4G and 5g dual connection technology, and realizes call test. The control message of VoIP is carried on 4G network and the service data is carried on 5g network. In addition, the HD video call service was also tested in the network

this test uses 5g end-to-end commercial system, adopts 3.7GHz spectrum, and realizes microservice based architecture, control plane/user plane separation, access independence and network slicing through Huawei wireless access network and core network equipment, so as to support business testing

Santiago Tenorio, director of Vodafone group network innovation center, said that this test is an important milestone for Vodafone to launch 5g in the first half of this year when Asian ethylene supply will be relatively tight. This is due to the close cooperation between Huawei and Vodafone. The two sides have increased investment since December last year in elbow and zigzag pipelines. This successful test will prompt us to conduct further 5g tests in Europe in 2018. The wear resistance of outer tires has been improved by nearly three times)

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei 5g product line, said: Huawei has been committed to the research and development of 5g end-to-end commercial systems. The test results show that 5g system based on 3GPP standard is becoming more and more mature, and we will continue to cooperate with Vodafone to accelerate the commercial scale of 5g

Peter Meissner, CEO of NGMN alliance, said that the two sides completed the world's first 5g call test only two months after 3GPP completed the 5g NR standard of independent groups, which has exceeded the industry's expectations. This sent a very clear signal to the world that the industry has the ability to provide users with 5g commercial services

the 2018 World Mobile Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 26 to March 1. Huawei exhibition area is located in the 1J50 exhibition area of Fira Gran Via hall 1, 3i30 exhibition area of hall 3 and innovative city exhibition area of hall 4. For more details, see:

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