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Huawei firewall usg6300 series: powerful, simple management

Huawei firewall usg6300 series: powerful, simple management

-- Based on big data analysis, the best choice for the security of small and medium-sized enterprises

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ctiforum news on April 11 (Li Wenjie): with the development of ICT technology, the degree of informatization of enterprises is getting higher and higher, Dependence on information is also growing. Nowadays, both it emerging enterprises related to Internet and traditional industries undergoing transformation and upgrading under the impact of Internet regard information technology as the core productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. Numerous successful cases show that enterprises that make full use of the Internet for marketing and brand communication have achieved unprecedented success, and Xiaomi, which has been hot recently, is the most typical representative

water can carry a boat and overturn it. The popularization of Internet and the enhancement of information construction not only help to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but also bring great hidden dangers to the safety of enterprises and key information assets. Since 2010, network attacks have shown explosive growth, and the means have become more and more covert. The attacker's purpose has changed from showing off his technical ability to stealing enterprise secrets and obtaining economic benefits. For the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the lack of sufficient procurement funds and professional security management personnel, they are facing more serious security threats. In the past year, the security threats borne by enterprises have undergone qualitative changes: new hybrid attacks have begun to emerge, attacks against Web2.0 have begun to break out in a wide range, Trojan horse blowout growth, frequent phishing incidents, internal staff destroying it systems to steal confidential data, and so on, which constitute new enterprise security threats

big data analysis technology: new threat defense mode

in the face of the severe security situation, traditional security equipment can not cope with new threats and challenges. The enterprise boundary is opened, and the enterprise cannot complete all security protection by itself. IT suppliers and security manufacturers need to help jointly build a security defense and management system. It is no longer possible to simply deploy security equipment to detect and filter threats that meet the characteristics. Instead, we should organically integrate various security protection means and information, on the one hand, prevent more security risks from being introduced due to new it vulnerabilities and application methods (such as mobile access, personal applications, etc.), on the other hand, we should achieve unified visibility and management of the entire security situation, find existing or potential security problems in the shortest possible time, and take measures to ensure that high-value assets are not stolen or broken. Based on big data analysis technology, taking the security threats faced by all enterprises as a whole to defend against unpredictable new threats is a trend in the development of security technology in the current industry

suppose there is such a case: Zhang Sanzheng is at home, and suddenly someone knocks on the door. After opening the door, the other party claims to be the express but goes to the wrong place; As a result, after Zhang San closed the door, this man knocked at Li Si's house again. Li Si opened the door, and this man said the same thing again; Finally, when the man knocked on Wang Wu's house, no one came to open the door. He pried open the door lock and committed theft

this is the difference between looking at security from a comprehensive perspective and looking at security from a single point of view. Based on big data analysis technology, we can use collective wisdom to find potential threats that cannot be found by traditional feature matching by making statistics of suspicious situations and establishing a reputation system

special requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises for security equipment: comprehensive functions, high performance, data leakage prevention, simple management

due to budget reasons, small and medium-sized enterprises cannot purchase a variety of single function security equipment one by one, such as firewall, IPS, anti-virus, secure access, VPN, data leakage prevention (DLP) equipment, etc. the general situation is to deploy only firewall or UTM for basic protection. While the performance of UTM equipment decreases by 80% when the comprehensive defense function is enabled, and it is basically unavailable. In most scenarios, it can only be used as a basic firewall, which can not effectively deal with the increasingly harsh network environment. Therefore, the security equipment deployed by small and medium-sized enterprises should have comprehensive protection functions and truly usable high performance, so as to ensure that the performance will be reduced by 50% after the comprehensive protection function is turned on

data leakage is the biggest security challenge faced by small and medium-sized enterprises at present. This is easy to understand because more and more sensitive information is stored in digital form. They may be a word document, a spreadsheet, a PDF file, or a piece of program code. This information seems simple, but it involves the core competitiveness of enterprises. It is the most coveted prey of the hacker industry. Once leaked, it will cause serious economic losses. Traditional firewalls are helpless to deal with such threats. Only security equipment with professional data leakage prevention function can effectively deal with them

the complexity of equipment management and configuration is another major problem that hinders the implementation of plan related work for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are more and more threats, the functions of security equipment equivalent to Thailand are becoming more and more powerful, and the management and configuration of equipment are becoming more and more complex. Small and medium-sized enterprises usually lack full-time professional security operation and maintenance personnel, or one person has multiple jobs, so it is difficult to quickly master so many complex configuration functions, and it is also impossible to spend too much time regularly adjusting the security configuration of equipment. However, the threat is always dynamic. If the security strategy remains unchanged, no matter how powerful the device is, it is difficult to ensure security. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises usually hope that safety equipment can be easy to use, which is both professional and simple

usg6300: Based on the security of big data analysis, a versatile next-generation firewall

usg6300 series firewall

at the 2014 Huawei China partner conference held recently, Huawei released the usg6300 series next-generation firewall. It establishes a comprehensive reputation system based on big data analysis technology, including file reputation, IP reputation, web reputation, etc. Enterprises do not need to invest too much to defend against the latest threats. In addition, usg6300 integrates all the security protection capabilities required by small and medium-sized enterprises, and can identify 6000+ applications, with the largest number in the industry. It can do accurate access control based on applications and users. Usg6300 has comprehensive security functions such as intrusion prevention, data leakage prevention, anti-virus, VPN encryption, anti spam, anti DDoS, etc. In the latest "2013 global network isolation analysis report" released by Forrester Research, 21 indicators are proposed to measure the functional comprehensiveness of safety related products. Huawei usg6000 series next-generation firewall meets the evaluation of 20 indicators, with a matching degree of more than 95%. The comprehensiveness of functions is evident. In the comparative evaluation of the next generation firewall organized by network world in 2013, Huawei usg6000 series next generation firewall ranked first in terms of threat protection, and its security protection ability has been fully proved

particularly worth mentioning is the data leakage prevention function of usg6300. Usg6300 can recognize more than 120 real file types, and can perform security inspection and keyword filtering on the contents of 30 of the most common file types, such as word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF, C or Java code files. This means that no matter by modifying the file extension or by compressing and transferring the file, as long as the code or office document containing key information is transmitted outward, it will be discovered by usg6300. Eliminate the loopholes of disclosing enterprise secrets through documents, emails and posts

due to the adoption of a Unified Threat definition language, a unified software architecture for parallel processing, and the acceleration method of combining dedicated hardware and software processing. Even if all safety functions are enabled, the usg6300 can still maintain high performance. Also in the horizontal evaluation of network world, Huawei's next-generation firewall is also the best in application performance. Because of its excellent performance in security, performance and ease of use, it won the 2013 next generation firewall innovation product award of network world, which is also the only award named by the next generation firewall in the selection

usg6300 adopts the industry's unique smart policy technology, which can quickly deploy security policies through application scenario templates; At the same time, it actively analyzes the actual traffic in the enterprise network, and intelligently recommends strategies and optimization suggestions; The heavy load of auto discovery function requires repeated increase and decrease of redundant policies and useless policies that have been missed for a long time, which helps administrators simplify policies and is very easy to use

Huawei usg6000 firewall since 2013 9e-mail:samt_ Since the release of cui@ in September, it has broken through many industries at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized by enterprise customers and the media. Usg6300 series next-generation firewall has complete functions, excellent performance, strong data leakage prevention ability, and is easy to use. It is the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to perfectly match the comprehensive requirements of enterprises for safety equipment in scenarios below 10 Gigabit

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