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On December 22, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially announced the selection results of cross industry and cross domain industrial interconnection platforms in 2020, and Huawei's industrial interconnection platform fusionplant was selected for two consecutive years

industrial interconnection empowers traditional industries through cloud, AI, 5g and other new generation information technologies, helps enterprises realize digitalization and intelligence, and is an important support for high-quality industrial development. Being selected into the list of national cross industry and cross domain industrial interconnection platforms means becoming a benchmark for the construction and promotion of industrial interconnection platforms in various industries and fields

Huawei's industrial interconnection platform focuses on the three core processes of enterprises and helps enterprises improve quality and efficiency.

it comes from the understanding of the digitalization and intelligent upgrading of its own manufacturing, as well as the excellent practice of digitalization and intelligent upgrading in the industry. The capability construction of Huawei's industrial interconnection platform fusionplant focuses on serving the three key business flows of industrial enterprises

full life cycle flow: Centered on product R & D and maintenance, it includes product requirement definition, design, simulation, development, verification and post market life cycle maintenance. Fusionplant can realize the integration of industrial software and industrial data across manufacturers and process segments, greatly reduce the R & D cycle and R & D cost of enterprises, and improve the management efficiency of the whole product life cycle of enterprises

value creation flow: take product supply and delivery as the center, and complete order delivery through collaboration between enterprises, customers and suppliers, including contract orders, raw material supply, warehousing and logistics, etc. Through fusionplant, industrial enterprises can realize the full supply chain information integration and timely sharing, collect the logistics status in real time, monitor and warn the transportation and storage links of circulation, improve the efficient production scheduling and resource allocation between industrial enterprises and trusted partners, vigorously improve the precise geometry of injection molding parts, and reduce the flexibility of dead volume customized products in syringes

production and manufacturing flow: take product production as the center, and realize the requirements of product delivery quality and cycle under the conditions of complex production environment, process workers actively taking effective measures, production engineering methods, etc. Based on fusionplant, when the current process optimization reaches the limit, AI can be introduced into the production system after adapting to the industrial scene, and AI can be used to help enterprises carry out production execution, decision-making, prediction and optimization, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises facing the future

Huawei's industrial interconnection platform fusionplant takes Huawei cloud as its base to help enterprises build a platform for digital and intelligent upgrading, focusing on the deep integration of industry knowledge and AI, so as to improve the quality of enterprises and reduce various parts that can be used in aircraft; The efficiency increase; More importantly, Huawei fusionplant can be compatible with the existing architecture of the enterprise. On the basis of retaining the existing assets of the enterprise, it helps the enterprise smoothly evolve to a new architecture, coexisting with dual activities. At present, it has been practiced in steel, coal coking, electronic manufacturing, chemical fiber, energy and other industries and achieved obvious application results

in the oil industry, PetroChina cooperates to build a cognitive computing platform based on Huawei cloud knowledge computing solutions. Through the application of AI technology, logging oil and gas (2) sometimes in order to reduce weight, nonferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals are also adopted; The research cycle of reservoir identification has been shortened by about 70%, and the accuracy of reservoir identification has reached more than 90%

in the electronic manufacturing industry, a big data project was created for deput, enabling deput to achieve visual management during the epidemic. Based on EPMS equipment management system, deput has realized the effective output of multi-dimensional management reports, improved the granularity and strength of management, gathered production and personnel data for analysis, and reduced labor costs by 25% to 30% during the epidemic

in the coal coking industry, by optimizing the ratio of raw coal and bringing the cost of raw coal into optimization, we can help coal coking enterprises optimize the ratio of raw coal, realize the accuracy of coke quality prediction to 97%, and save 10-30 yuan of raw coal cost per ton of coke

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