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How about Huawei glory magicbook 14 Ruilong R5 technology pilot version? Hands on experience evaluation

this Huawei glory Ma at the same time, the gicbook 14 Ruilong R5 technology pilot version is new in 2019. I like the evaluation and recommendation. A certain East planted this Huawei notebook behind, and talked about the experience of use: its appearance is very bright, very beautiful, light and thin. It's easy to carry when going out. The keyboard is very comfortable to use and runs smoothly. The screen is frosted and does not reflect light. The previous computer is a mirror, which is particularly harmful to the eyes. The screen with narrow borders is large and small as a whole. In short, it's very good. This talent is enough to make the technicians of the experimental machine more proficient in the operation of the experimental machine. Personally, the price of the experimental machine is too valuable! Metal material, exquisite workmanship, very textured, high appearance value, fast response, fast switching on and off, notebook steel cannon, fingerprint unlocking is very convenient, keyboard is comfortable, feel strong, activity price, feel very cost-effective. Mainly for office use, glory notebook is very suitable

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I Price quotation of glory magicbook 14 Ruilong R5 technology early version:

[Linux version] Huawei's H experimental machine is widely used in ordinary industrial consumption and scientific research. Onor/glory magicbook 14 Ruilong R5 technology early version 14 inch

[at the price] 3599.00 yuan

-------------- the strength of the dual space hydraulic universal experimental machine is the experimental discrimination of pull direction and pressure direction. In two experimental spaces -

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II. Glory magicbook 14 Ruilong R5 technology early version configuration parameters:

lightness: perfect, just suitable for carrying. Very thin is the first feeling. First, the system of the original machine is not win. Second, the standby time of the machine is very OK. It takes 2 hours to work without plugging in the power, and the battery consumption is very small. It seems that there is no problem with portable and mobile office. Third, the camera is hidden, and there is no problem with privacy protection. Fourth, the laptop has the function of one touch transmission. With Huawei in hand, it is very convenient to transmit data and process on a large screen. Fifth, the charger is small and powerful. It supports the fast charging function. More importantly, it can realize the fast charging function

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