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Huawei financial data center summit takes you to talk about knowledgeable smart finance

with the continuous promotion of the new infrastructure wave, the digital transformation of financial services has become inevitable. As a traditional financial data center carrying data and computing, it is urgent to change. From August 27 to August 28, the two-day smart finance pre construction future Huawei financial data center summit was successfully held in Ulanqab. The guests focused on the digital transformation of the financial industry, the construction of smart financial data centers, the security and development of data center infrastructure, the architecture of full stack data centers and other industry topics, deeply analyzed the plight of traditional financial data centers, and imagined the future of smart financial universality. After the meeting, as the world's largest prefabricated modular data center (annual average pue 1.15), Huawei northern cloud data center model site invited all guests to visit

new infrastructure accelerates the transformation of new business forms

building a new generation of financial data solutions

in recent years, on the basis of existing industries, Wulanchabu has deeply implemented the national strategy of new infrastructure, and continuously accelerated the construction of 5g networks, data centers, artificial intelligence and other new infrastructure. At the same time, focusing on the requirements of the times such as the diversification of financial services and the transformation and upgrading of traditional data centers, Ulanqab continued to promote the construction of data centers, and built a new infrastructure layout based on the new financial data center from point to area

tongxiaolin, director of the Information Office of the CPC Ulanqab Municipal Committee and director of the municipal Big Data Management Bureau, said that Ulanqab was one of the first cities to cooperate with Huawei to develop big data. In recent years, Wulanchabu has continuously implemented the national big data strategy, accelerated the construction of Digital China, and accelerated the coordinated development of data centers, service outsourcing, big data applications and other industries. Therefore, it has been rated as the most suitable city for investment in data centers. The typical experience and practice of Ulanqab city has been praised by the State Council, and the development pattern of big data industry in Southern Guizhou, northern Ukraine and grassland cloud Valley has initially taken shape

as the production platform for financial customers, the importance of data center is obvious. However, the data center infrastructure carrying business is facing great challenges such as high energy consumption, complex operation and maintenance, weak reliability and security. Fang Liangzhou, vice president of Huawei's digital energy product line, said that Huawei is at the world's leading level in the fields of connectivity, AI, cloud and computing. In the future, Huawei's data center will evolve in the direction of ten major trends. Among them, in terms of industry trends, we will build a high-density, rapid deployment, safe and reliable, elastic architecture, green and energy-saving data center infrastructure framework; In terms of technology trends, it will form a data center performance of full modularity, full digitalization +ai, wind liquid integration, minimal power supply, and bitwatt linkage. By integrating traditional power technology and digital technology, Huawei will strive to complete its corporate mission of leading the digitalization of energy and building a green and intelligent world

Fang Liangzhou, vice president of Huawei's digital energy product line

to build a new financial data center, we should strive to break the blind spots of traditional financial data centers in product services, customer experience, performance security, so the organizational form of the new data center will change significantly. Li Chonghui, deputy general manager of the data center of China CITIC Bank, believes that the large concentration of data and computing has led to the increasing scale of the head office data center. The 2n UPS system has become the preferred financial architecture, and the modular ups will become an advanced power supply and distribution practice. The financial point will be built in the form of micro module, and the overall construction form tends to be standard, simple and efficient

Li Chonghui, deputy general manager of China CITIC Bank Data Center

driven by the development of 5g, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new infrastructure technologies, the number and scale of data centers in China have shown steady growth. Since 2019, the growth rate of data center scale in China has remained above 25%. Yang Tianyu, an analyst at CCID Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center, pointed out that the new infrastructure policy has driven the data center to become a new hot spot for development. With the gradual shift of the data center from the support system to the production system, prefabrication, modularization, intelligence and greening have become the typical characteristics of advanced data centers. As a leading manufacturer in the field of data center energy, Huawei has achieved the first market share in the five fields of micro module data center solutions and UPS as a whole from 2019 to 2020

Yang Tianyu, analyst of CCID Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center

the rapidly growing scale of data centers also poses new challenges to information and data security. According to the strategic requirements of the national network security space, enterprises should promote safe and reliable products in an all-round way according to the network security classification protection system 2.0 standard to ensure the security of key infrastructure. Dr. Liu Jishun, from the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security/National Center for quality supervision and inspection of network and information system security products, pointed out that with the advent of the era of intelligent connection, the network security situation of key infrastructure industries, especially the financial data industry, has become a core element related to the national information security strategy. On the one hand, intelligent IOT has greatly improved production efficiency, on the other hand, it has also brought serious security threats. All industries need to improve their security awareness. In the future, network security will cover key infrastructure from it network. Therefore, all regions urgently need to speed up the research of network security technology and the construction of security standards, and establish a secure certification system. All participating enterprises should form a clear and powerful security mechanism through the complete security chain of end, management and cloud, and effectively improve the network security protection capability of key infrastructure

the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security/national network and information system security product quality supervision and Inspection Center Dr. Liu Jishun

minimalism, green, intelligence, security: These are significant results

the core DNA of the smart financial data center

as we all know, the data center carries two core functions: data and computing. With the internal and external drive of 5g+ai+ cloud, the growth of computing power at the end and edge will exceed that of the data center. Multiple business scenarios and data structures need the support of diverse computing power. Li Jinglei, a senior expert of Huawei's cluster computing business development department, believes that connection and computing will form a double support for the future intelligent world. Applying AI, big data and other technologies will create a one-stop, scene based data from chip to DC through full stack design innovation and diverse computing power collaboration. Bentler Sigri has successfully developed a composite plate spring core solution, providing the strongest PPA available computing power for smart finance

Li Jinglei, senior expert of Huawei's cluster computing business development department

the full stack data center solution created by Huawei at present is a full lifecycle digital model based on cloud services and Huawei's practice. This plan will be heavily integrated in Huawei's comprehensive capabilities such as efficient computing power, system stability, data security, green energy conservation, etc., accurately match customer needs, and deeply empower the original data system. Yu Maoping, senior director of Huawei data center infrastructure business department/chief architect of data center, said that Huawei has provided the ability of end-to-end solutions for full stack data centers through four ones. This includes an international and professional team, an industry-leading self-developed product solution, a process quality management system, and a complete it tool platform. Huawei's full stack data center will provide full life cycle solutions for planning, construction, maintenance and operation, and l0-l3 full stack DC solutions, so as to meet the needs of enterprise digital transformation, so as to build a solid foundation for the new infrastructure digital factory and leave time and quality to customers. At the same time, Huawei can achieve rapid delivery on the basis of standardized module construction, and ensure the quality of safe, stable, efficient, intelligent and elastic integrated services

Yu Maoping, senior director of Huawei data center infrastructure business department/chief architect of data center

from this perspective, the core of the transformation and upgrading of financial data center infrastructure is to realize one-stop cloud computing infrastructure services under the framework of computing efficiency, security and intelligence, so as to effectively promote the industry penetration of smart finance and realize the leapfrog development of informatization and digitalization. Xiao Jianyi, head of the data center operation and management working group of the information technology branch of the China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association, said that the financial data center will usher in the era of structural change, with multi location and multi center layout, forming a modular concept, supporting flexible capacity expansion, energy conservation and environmental protection, realizing automation and intelligence of operation and maintenance, and ensuring high availability and business continuity of financial business will be the development trend in the future. In the future, the transformation of financial data center infrastructure will effectively ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of information systems at the level of site environment, it facilities, monitoring management and other facilities

Xiao Jianyi, leader of the data center operation and management working group of the information technology branch of the China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association, and the next generation of data center, to a large extent, has become a new species that uses cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to achieve cross scene, decentralized, entity free, multi-dimensional interaction. Wu, senior director of Wanguo data solutions team, accounted for 43.4% Qiong said that according to the sensitivity requirements of different businesses to time delay, the data center is developing towards a three-tier architecture of edge (high timeliness business) -hyperscale (high timeliness business) -remote (low timeliness business). High power density, high data density, high connection density and high availability will become the basis for the data center to support the development of users in the future, Intensive development and unified management will become a common business. Based on the introduction of Huawei's modular UPS integrated power supply and distribution system fusionpower, Wanguo data will use prefabricated products to carry the standardized design, so as to realize joint innovation with Huawei. Compared with the traditional scheme, the new scheme will save 40% of the power supply space, and the out of cabinet rate will be effectively improved. In addition, the realization of full modular design, maintenance and AI predictive maintenance can also greatly save operating costs

Wu Qiong, senior director of Wanguo data solutions team

for the future, Huawei will continue to cultivate on the basis of the new infrastructure wave, and is committed to creating a more minimalist, green, intelligent and secure data center solution, promoting the organic coupling of financial data services and real industries, constantly adding power to the digital transformation of the financial industry, and finally realizing the development blueprint of smart finance

when the data center meets the financial industry, Huawei's Chinese government and enterprise business, which focuses on the digital transformation of the industry, will drop out of school and create a "marine clearing" company in six months. You talk about new data finance and take you into a more knowledgeable smart finance

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