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Huawei entered the 5g equipment market of Korean operators, and Samsung began to "fight back"

Huawei entered the 5g equipment market of Korean operators, and Samsung began to "fight back"

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facing the Chinese Huawei Company promoting its own products to Korean operators, Samsung Electronics also took a tit for tat move

according to Korean media reports, in the face of Chinese companies promoting their own products to Korean operators, studying the shear lag effect in this case is of great significance to the design of thin-walled box girders and the analysis of the causes of the current common cracks, Samsung Electronics also took a tit for tat action. Last month, Huawei invited some South Korean companies to participate in the press conference held at the Shanghai World Mobile Communication Conference. Huawei emphasized the low price advantage of its own equipment and tried to eliminate concerns about security risks

in "1. At this event, kwonyoung soo, the vice chairman of South Korean telecom operator lguplus, visited Huawei's exhibition hall and praised the products. Then, some market observers judged that South Korean mobile operators might adopt Huawei's 5g system. Some market rumors said that Samsung Electronics, which also has telecom equipment business, might not develop its own 5g equipment in the 3.5GHz band. According to South Korean media reports, three Star Electronics is "launching a counterattack" against Huawei in China

recently, as a move to refute rumors, Samsung Electronics released 5g telecom equipment in the 3.5GHz band, which is planned to be put into use in the Korean market in March next year. Samsung also released 5g devices in the 28ghz band and plans to apply them to 5g networks in the United States in the third quarter of this year

according to the plan of the South Korean government, South Korea will start 5g network operation from December 1 this year, and start large-scale commercial operation from March next year. Samsung Electronics also said that it could mass produce 5g devices in the 3.5GHz band by December this year

Samsung said that the above 5g device is 30 cm wide and 60 cm long, which is the smallest of all 3.5GHz band devices released by telecom equipment manufacturers. It is reported that Samsung also uses a communication technology called "beamforming", which enables users of 5g devices to enjoy a large amount of content (such as video) without buffering

it is reported that Korean mobile operators will face some difficulties in using Chinese company equipment because Korean consumers are worried about the security risks in Huawei products. In addition, the Korean government and parliamentarians who support Samsung may affect the procurement decisions of Korean telecom operators

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