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From strategy to details, how Huawei arranges its instruments? Enterprises can benefit from it.

the times seem to be changing faster and faster, subverting human cognition and imagination. AI, IOT, blockchain and other new things are emerging in endlessly. As a product of the times, intelligence can also be said to be the crystallization of high-tech development. At a time when "one machine dominates the world" is contradictory, cashless payment, bike sharing and other extended things with the help of this medium have also opened a new blue ocean of development

when talking about intelligence, Ma Yun once said, "many people wake up at night to see not their wives, but their wives." Although it seems a little ironic, it is also a fact of iron clank. Intelligence not only brings great convenience to people's life, but also completely changes people's way of life. All kinds of videos, and commercial software have poured into the market and achieved attractive results

it is worth noting that the rise of domestic brands has also greatly enhanced the influence and voice of domestic brands in the international market. Huawei, oppo, vivo and other major Chinese brands have ranked among the world's top brands with highly innovative products, which also means that the price war in the intelligent industry has basically ended, and a new competition pattern has been formed

Huawei is a domestic leader. In the 2017 global brand value ranking released by Forbes, Huawei has become the only Chinese enterprise on the list. From a small brand to a highly competitive high-quality brand in the international market, the rise of Huawei has left too much enlightenment

with its well-known influence and brand management deep into the hearts of users, it is not accidental that Huawei can achieve such excellent performance, but inevitable. Through excellent user experience, Jianhe will take the lead in establishing brand influence and a sound loyalty system in the new generation of BMW models in September this year

first of all, Huawei must make a lot of investment if it wants to remain competitive. With the development of Huawei's business, wearable devices, accessories, ar/vr and other modules have been added to Huawei's product line. Coupled with Huawei sports health app, the comprehensive solutions provided by Huawei bring consumers a healthier life experience. When it comes to the instrument and meter industry, expand product lines and cross-border new fields. It is crucial to seize business opportunities bravely, and the output is still growing, which is of great importance to the development of instrument manufacturers

secondly, enter the medium and high-end market. According to the GfK report, Huawei has accounted for 17.2% of the medium and high-end market share (excluding the U.S. market) of more than $500. In order to promote business growth, Huawei has begun to target key mid-range segments of the market. This will cultivate a larger number of existing users, so as to develop more high-end users of Huawei

entering the medium and high-end market is not only the requirement of national development in the new era, but also the key for an enterprise to gain a foothold in the market. Through the leading supply of independent R & D technology in the industry, instrument enterprises can break the bottleneck of market competition and seek differentiated development. But at the same time, it also requires that customer satisfaction and brand strength remain high

keep learning and accepting new things and new technologies. In the field of intelligence, taking the lead in laying out 5g market undoubtedly helps brands seize more development opportunities. Similarly, as an emerging industry in 2018, blockchain may become an engine like existence from the perspective of technology, making IOT flourish at a faster speed

Huawei has a keen insight into the market direction. Recently, Huawei's 5g NR products that will be commercially available worldwide this year have successfully passed the certification of the European Union professional certification body t ü v South Germany group, which indicates that Huawei has taken another key step towards 5g scale commerce. As for blockchain, Huawei emphasizes the importance of hardware in blockchain, and wants to create a trinity of typical applications + blockchain platform + hardware, software and hardware solutions

not content with the status quo, they pay high attention to new things and technologies in the market, so that Huawei has always been in the forefront of the market. The instrument industry also needs to be prepared for danger in times of peace and have the foresight of overall layout. Thus, in the continuous development of products and the continuous improvement of brand value, we can realize our own magnificent transformation, but relying solely on national policies is not conducive to the healthy growth of the experimental machine industry

the future opportunity of China's intelligent market lies in the needs of users to upgrade and change machines. More innovative functions and designs have become the key to winning products. It's not necessary for the instrument industry

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