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John Deere acquires Mansheng, a world-famous planter manufacturer. John Deere acquires Mansheng, a world-famous planter manufacturer. China Construction machinery information. On November 3, it was confirmed from John Deere China that the company had signed a final agreement on the acquisition of monosem, a world-famous planter manufacturer. At present, the company hopes to establish a cooperative relationship with existing EPS manufacturers. John Deere acquired four plants of Mansheng in France and two plants in the United States, a move intended to strengthen its leadership in precision seeding technology

Mansheng precision seeder can complete multiple processes such as ditching, fertilization, sowing, soil covering, pesticide application, suppression, etc. at one time. At the same time, when receiving the user's fault information, replace different sowing plates. The measurement and control link of the experimental machine is the center of all experimental machines, sowing corn, beets, beans, grains, oil and other crops. According to Zhigu, the development of extruder industry headquartered in the United States still has a large market space. China's man Sheng has more than 30 years of experience in planter manufacturing. At present, its products are sold in more than 40 countries in the world, accounting for more than 25% of the market share of planters in the United States and Europe. The company entered China in 2007, and now has a large number of holdings in Northeast and North China

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