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JLG (jieerjie): serve China's high-altitude work market with heart

JLG (jieerjie): serve China's high-altitude work market with heart

as an upgraded and improved product of vertical testing machines, China Construction machinery information

April 14, 2015, Shanghai - as the world's leading manufacturer of high-altitude work equipment, JLG has always been committed to promoting the service of high-altitude work equipment throughout its life cycle, so as to create continuous value for customers, Promote the benign progress of the industry. Since its entry into the Chinese market, JLG has actively optimized service projects according to the characteristics of the Chinese market, and helped high-quality products better meet the dynamic needs of the market through an efficient and comprehensive service system

jlg (jieerjie) on-site service team at the construction site

for the operation of JLG's entire service system, the deepest feeling is the JLG on-site service team serving the front line in the country. As a member of the on-site service team, Gao Yong also witnessed the establishment of the partnership between JLG and Shenyang Xuelong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xuelong machinery) while performing his service duties. In this process, JLG's mature service concept and sound service guarantee system have become the basis for in-depth cooperation between the two sides. In the continuous running in, it has gradually formed a customer support model with customer needs as the core and wholehearted service

Gao Yong said: "After years of careful research and judgment, Xuelong machinery is very familiar with the aerial work industry such as baskets and the Chinese market, but it is the first time to have the characteristics and industrial demand of aerial work platform products. Therefore, our service focus is not only to reduce the equipment failure rate and provide comprehensive service guarantee, but also to help them form a professional aerial work platform service team, standardize the service concept and process, and improve after-sales service skills." To this end, JLG's sales department, marketing department and after-sales service department jointly dispatched one full-time on-site service personnel to create their own service system for Xuelong with the help of the original maintenance force of Xuelong group, starting with product consultation and screening, market promotion and publicity and service support

at the beginning of cooperation, JLG actively carried out product performance training according to customers' conditions to help them understand JLG products; After the delivery of the products, the service teams of both parties jointly conduct practical training on the operation, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of the equipment operators; For the running in period of the machine at the beginning of the delivery of the new equipment, JLG service personnel reduce the false alarm of the equipment caused by improper operation through systematic training for the operators, and collect and summarize the cases; After that, JLG launched the first basic operation training and the second comprehensive system training within one week and three months of equipment delivery. In addition, JLG service personnel pay regular visits to Xuelong machinery, conduct routine inspection of products, understand customer needs and listen to customers' wishes. This 3-day customer visit has accumulated to 34 times in 2014, which has also become the basis for JLG to improve its service according to customer needs

professionalism and standardization are the soul of JLG service. Gao Yong introduced to us: "JLG's Chinese after-sales service personnel have received systematic training from experts from the U.S. headquarters, and the U.S. headquarters will regularly convene global service personnel for technical service exchanges. In China, we require that the time to solve the fault is up to 8 hours, that is, 8 hours after receiving the customer's repair report, we should strive to solve the problem within 8 hours. If the problem cannot be solved on site, we must report it within 24 hours, and the major problem that still cannot be solved must be reported to JLG management within 72 hours Level, up to the general manager of Greater China. " Under the extreme climatic conditions in Northeast China, such norms have not been relaxed at all. In the cold winter of minus 36 ℃, the JLG service representative will coordinate relevant service personnel to arrive at the site in the shortest time after receiving the customer's repair request. After inspection by the on-site personnel, it was found that the cause of the accident was that the -20 diesel used by the customer could not cope with extreme weather, resulting in ice resistance in the oil supply system, which made the engine unable to start. In order to solve the problem as soon as possible and reduce the downtime of customers, JLG service personnel looked for available tools on the spot and immediately began the deicing work. There was nothing to hide the cold wind, so I let my body tremble in the cold air; Without the tools at hand, he used more strength to fight against the solid icicles. In less than 3 hours, this extremely difficult troubleshooting work was completed. The customer who had been prepared to shut down for a long time was extremely surprised, and was moved by the red and swollen hands of the service staff. Despite difficulties and dangers, just for a promise, such touching service stories happen every day throughout the country

through strategic cooperation with JLG, the transformation of Xuelong machinery, the "largest basket manufacturer in northern China", to an aerial work platform is progressing smoothly, and this case is only a microcosm of JLG's service to the Chinese market. In the face of China's potential, it is mainly manifested in: 1. The aerial work platform market, which is relatively backward in basic research, is not eager for quick success and instant benefits, but also unreservedly "teach it to fish" the accumulation of services for decades, contributing to the development of China's aerial work platform market. Shenyang Xuelong is the first group of beneficiaries of JLG services, but it is by no means the last

about JLG

JLG (jierje) Co., Ltd. in the United States is a subsidiary of Oshkosh group, a New York listed company in the United States, and the world's largest manufacturer of aerial work platforms. It mainly produces different types of straight arm aerial work platforms, curved arm aerial work platforms, scissors aerial work platforms, fork loading and other products with the confirmation number of the standard method. It has production bases in Europe, the United States and China, and its business covers four continents

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