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Wobao upgrade 4.0: stronger communication ability, more comfortable communication way

as the product of Jiami technology, the first integrated communication cloud service provider in China, wobao (formerly the first enterprise information) integrates enterprise IM, integrated communication and collaborative office. Once launched in 2014, it has been popular with many users. However, half a year ago, there was almost no news about gonggongbao, and the product update was stagnant. There was once a rumor that Jiami technology had given up this product

specially went to verify the relevant person in charge of Jiami. During the past six months, all members of Jiami have been doing their best to fight the battle of products and try our best to provide users with a better product experience. Working treasure 4.0, which has a major update, will launch the cloud platform version on January 10, and enterprise users will be able to use the official version of the enterprise on the 15th. The design life of the main project of the high-speed railway is 100 years, said fan Hongyu, CEO of Jiami technology, and had a deep talk with you on product upgrading

after six months of polishing, what are the highlights of this update and upgrade of workbao

stronger communication ability:

the independently developed Vos voice service system is upgraded to 8.2, and a stronger and stronger communication ability is truly felt

Make it a candidate material for liquid sample containers: there are many sizes to choose from

voice calls can be dynamically and seamlessly switched between WiFi and 2/3/4g networks without interrupting calls due to network changes

higher compatibility, support the access of mainstream SIP based devices, and connect various communication devices of enterprises

realize soft switch platform control, provide SMS unified management platform, and control the enterprise communication system with one hand

pc end and mobile end messages will be automatically implemented as soon as possible, and the replacement products of this kind of brominated flame retardants will be updated synchronously, so the message transmission will be more stable, and the mission of sending messages will be achieved

a more smooth and stable soft conference system, which supports up to 60 party access, and the conference content can be recorded and reviewed

a more comfortable way of communication:

red envelope function: break the cold situation of work communication, make the enterprise atmosphere more humane, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise

messages have been read but not read: private chat group chat messages are labeled, which makes it clear at a glance whether they have been read or not, and communication is more efficient

voting app: customize the voting content. What is industry 4.0?, Give full play to the role of members and create a democratic atmosphere

subscription number: convey corporate culture,, resources, visible only to internal members, and create an internal corporate culture circle

my files: the message files are automatically sorted, and the records of other ends can be synchronized to the local, and the required files can be quickly searched in a few seconds

user recording function: both sides of a two person call can record, the multi person meeting host can record, and the important content can be reviewed again

add multiple sets of expressions: more expression choices, cold words with cute expressions, make communication more warm

company group, enterprise group and Certification Group: label different groups to facilitate work collaboration and member management

ui reconstruction of PC and Android interfaces: interface optimization, clearer and clearer, and easier to use

it can be seen that Jiami technology is working hard on this product, and product updates are based on enterprise needs. Of course, this update is far more than that. If you want to know more, you can go to work treasure Officer: learn more, download and try work treasure 4.0 to find more surprises

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