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There are also quarrels in the "golden rice bowl" and the order of the plastic industry needs to be standardized.

as an important plastic trading town in South China, Dongguan has a large number of plastic traders in Zhangmutou, Changping and other places. Since this year, plastic traders have opened a profitable market, driving the rapid development of Dongguan's plastic industry. However, while making money, the scattered plastic market is also known as quarreling in the "golden rice bowl", and the whole plastic industry urgently needs to further improve its competitiveness

"golden rice bowl" also quarrels that the order of the plastic industry needs to be standardized.

the industry is known as "Yuyao in the north and Zhangmutou in the South". By 2009, East China surpassed South China to become the leader of China's plastic raw material market. There are also many problems in the rapid development of Dongguan's plastic industry, such as relatively insufficient innovation, insufficient attention to standardized operation and industry integrity, and prominent problems in the production and sale of plastic counterfeits. Especially in recent years, Zhangmutou town has proposed to upgrade its business form by extending the plastic industry chain, so as to promote the transformation of the town from a "key town of plastic commerce" to a "key town of plastic industry". Local plastic industry practitioners began to gather together and set up a plastic industry development promotion association to standardize the order of the industry, encourage industry innovation, and strive to push the Zhangmutou and even Dongguan plastic industry to a new height

the industry order of "zero tolerance" for dishonest management urgently needs to be standardized.

"for companies engaged in plastic trade, the overall profit situation this year should be considerable. The ex factory price of plastic in our company has generally increased by 30%, especially in hard plastic, the price increase is the most obvious." Li Juan, manager of Dongguan hengxuda Plastic Trading Co., Ltd., which is engaged in plastic import and sales, said

zhumengjin, chairman of Dongguan guangdali Plastic Trading Co., Ltd., believes that "the price increase is cyclical, mainly in the game between manufacturers and traders. Due to the upstream production reduction, downstream traders scramble for goods, and the price naturally rises, but the market also fluctuates to a certain extent. Generally speaking, the profits of trading merchants are good."

the good market is not only related to the increase in demand, but also proves that the influence of camphor head plastic market is gradually expanding. For more than a decade, Zhangmutou has attracted plastic enterprises from all over the world to operate and start businesses. At present, three plastic professional markets have been derived, more than 2000 modified plastic production enterprises and more than 5000 business merchants, with an annual transaction volume of more than 100 billion, radiating more than 50000 downstream enterprises within 400 kilometers around. The plastic industry has become one of the pillar industries in Dongguan

behind the prosperity is the obvious decrease in the growth rate of the industry in South China compared with that in East China in recent years. Yuyao's largest business is 5billion yuan, while Dongguan is "Why are star plastic bags rarely recycled?" Zhai Guangjing believes that "there are many stars and few moons", and more than 100 million yuan has been well done in the Zhangmutou plastic market, most of which is in the section between 30million and 60million. Moreover, as the concentrated distribution area of the plastic market, Zhangmutou, Changping and other towns still have problems such as low-level repetition and homogeneous competition, which also leads to vicious competition and the urgent need for the overall regulation of the industry

the municipal and township governments have always paid attention to the problems existing in the development of Dongguan's plastic industry. At present, it has gradually changed from the early caring nanny policy to actively guide and encourage innovation. On December 16, Dongguan plastic industry development promotion association held the inaugural ceremony of the first council at Zhangmutou new Metropolis Hotel. Dang Yong, chairman of Dongguan plass warehousing Co., Ltd., was elected president. The establishment of the Promotion Association, which is composed of 70 plastic enterprises in Dongguan, marks a new stage in the development of the plastic industry in Dongguan from a lone army to a group

"the majority of members and leaders at the municipal and township levels agree with the idea of our first Council to seriously hold the meeting. In addition to the membership conditions stipulated in the articles of association, new members who apply to join the association need to sign a letter of commitment of 'zero tolerance' for dishonest management, and need to be recommended by two Council members, which will be finally decided by the voting of the Council meeting. Each of our council members is also elected by our majority of members." Dang Yong said that in the face of a new round of industrial environment, the hardness test of Vickers hardness has similar structural changes, leading the majority of members out of confusion and difficulties, looking for new markets and development opportunities. In addition to effective markets and promising governments, industry organizations are duty bound

guide and encourage industry innovation to promote higher development

at present, whether it is the plastic industry, Dongguan economy, or even China's economy, is in a critical period of transformation and development. According to Dang Yong, "the traditional manufacturing industry and the real estate industry, which are closely related to our plastic industry, will be reduced from pillar industries to general industries. The strategic emerging industries, service industries and modern manufacturing industries, which are also closely related to the plastic industry, will become the new pillar industries of China's economy, and they will also provide new markets and new development opportunities for our plastic industry."

"Internet", bulk commodity trading center, material customization, modern financial services, modern logistics services, etc. will be the main driving forces to promote the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan plastic industry. According to the guiding suggestions of relevant departments "promoting business with business, supporting the association with business", and referring to the advanced experience of other industries and other associations, the association will fully tap and activate the resources and energy of the majority of members, Dongguan plastic industry development promotion center was established

"these public service platforms are provided by members of the association voluntarily or voluntarily, and some project governments and financial institutions will participate together. The association plays the role of screening, expediting, incubating and promoting its development. While providing professional services for members and the industry, each platform operates according to the market-oriented principle." Dang Yong said that Dongguan's plastic industry has always had a better life, so there is insufficient innovation momentum, but innovation is necessary to make a breakthrough

such as "interconnection", expand the scope of influence through e-commerce; For example, the establishment of a modern logistics service platform, Dongguan has more than a dozen plastic warehouses, but the scale and management are uneven. At present, with the participation and support of the government, it is ready to build a large-scale warehousing logistics and connect with the financial platform

it is noteworthy that the Promotion Association will also establish an industrial fund to combine the support of the government and banks to create an industrial financial service platform. "The fund is open-ended for the majority of members, which can radiate the whole industry, and then the SCM will stop processing this signal. The initial period is 200million yuan. At that time, the government will also participate in the shares, which will have a different influence. At that time, it can be extended to the supply chain industry, forming a closed loop of trade, logistics and financial services." Huang Xiubin, vice president of the Promotion Association, introduced

Dang Yong believes that Dongguan is not only a traditional plastic trade distribution center, but also a production base of many excellent plastic modified materials and plastic additives. The plastic industry itself is a very international industry. In the face of the fact that more and more plastic processing enterprises are relocated and the growth rate of local demand is reduced, the association will actively respond to the national strategies of the "the Belt and Road" and "interconnection", and organize members to actively participate in international exchanges, Promote member enterprises to go global, and lead member enterprises to constantly explore new markets and fields

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