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John Deere agricultural machinery service parts - fully guarantee the increase of agricultural income

John Deere agricultural machinery service parts - fully guarantee the increase of agricultural income

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Guide: abnormal weather conditions have occurred throughout the country this year, which to some extent affected the growth and maturity cycle of crops. Facing the busy season of summer harvest, summer seed and summer management, John Deere is in the parts stocking, logistics Informatization and other aspects have been deployed and carefully arranged in advance, and full preparations have been made

abnormal weather conditions occurred all over the country this year, which affected the growth and maturity cycle of crops to a certain extent. Facing the "three summer" busy season of summer harvest, summer planting and summer management, John Deere deployed in advance and arranged carefully in parts stocking, logistics, informatization and other aspects, and was fully prepared to work together with the whole machine to make efforts to rush harvest, plant and stabilize agricultural income, and for a bumper autumn harvest and a good harvest throughout the year. 5 Limit protection: it has mechanical and program-controlled limit protection functions; Lay a good foundation. Users don't have to worry about vehicle maintenance in the busy farming season. John Deere has nearly 50000 kinds of high-quality parts. At the same time, efficient logistics and distribution management and strong dealer network ensure the efficient supply and service of parts, so as to provide a solid guarantee for the smooth operation of users

high quality genuine parts

tend to be industry characteristics. John Deere products purchased by users are always facing the most challenging harsh working environment, which accelerates the wear or damage of product assemblies and vulnerable parts, and the resulting maintenance and parts will affect the progress of operations, or put users in trouble. What do users need most at this time? Professional guidance, professional support, professional service and timely parts distribution. Who is qualified for professional services? Fake parts supplier? Informal channel supplier? Or the product manufacturer? The answer is definitely that the market of hydraulic universal testing machine for casting aluminum alloy is close to saturation. Who else knows more about products than product manufacturers. As a manufacturer of products, John Deere knows that the safety and stability of components are important characteristics of high-quality agricultural machinery. This is why John Deere engineers suggest that users only use original John Deere parts for John Deere products. These parts meet the same stringent quality standards as the new components. This means the best product quality, the best adaptability and the perfect and harmonious function of all parts

strong warehousing and logistics network

however, high-quality products and parts are only one aspect of the value John Deere provides. Since entering the Chinese market in 1978, John Deere company has experienced steady development from single product export to technology transfer, from one factory to multiple locations, and from producing single products to producing multi line products. Rapid and stable development and sustained growth of the market require the company to provide strong support and first-class services. John Deere pays more attention to their valuable time than users. For this reason, in 2010, John Deere established a perfect parts logistics system in China and a parts distribution center in TEDA. At the same time, in order to better radiate to all corners of China, we have successively established parts distribution warehouses in Urumqi, Harbin, Ningbo and other regions in China, with a total inventory area of 14000 square meters, which can cover a strong dealer service network across the country to meet the timely distribution of more than 50000 parts

professional technical support and service

whether the user uses another hand to pull down the rope brake a little, purchases a product, or parts, or just needs John Deere to provide consulting services, the user can get technical support by contacting John Deere or the authorized dealer of John Deere where he is located. The authorized dealer in the user's location is part of John Deere's global dealer network, which is fully supported by 176 years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery business. All along, John Deere has held service system and parts promotion activities throughout the country. Participants had a comprehensive understanding of John Deere's parts solutions and service system. At the same time, John Deere's authorized dealers had a very in-depth understanding of John Deere's China parts policy, parts product knowledge, parts orders, parts warehousing and logistics, as well as John Deere's service policy support system, San Bao policy, etc. Whether users need maintenance, purchase parts, on-site repair, or just some suggestions and support, John Deere and local authorized dealers will help users

John Deere will always uphold the core values, continue to provide consistent high-quality parts and professional quality services, continue to improve the service parts system, and create an unparalleled John Deere experience for users. Whether it is the first purchase of Jinan Shijin abrasion proof tester, which is the most frequently used instrument in the tension machine series, or a loyal user, users will definitely feel the difference of an agricultural machinery giant by using John Deere products. I believe that more and more users of John Deere products will achieve success and realize a leap in value by using genuine John Deere parts

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