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John Deere 2015 value storm experience tour shines in Zhengzhou

John Deere 2015 value storm experience tour shines in Zhengzhou

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Zhengzhou is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. As the hinterland of the Central Plains, it has always been a place of war since ancient times. On March 26, in this green city full of spring, a golden "buck" was welcomed. The 2015 John Deere value storm experience tour kicked off next to Lishangyin Park in Zhengzhou, which is also the fifth stop of John Deere value storm experience tour after Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming and Guiyang

excavators and loaders of different tonnage displayed at the exhibition site

this event was jointly organized by John Deere and Henan Sandi mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. through many wonderful links, such as machine tour explanation, real machine experience, award-winning interaction, product display, etc., John Deere showed customers his unremitting pursuit of product quality and his efforts to improve user value. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the activity kicked off in music on time. The first thing to appear was the cheerleaders' dance full of youthful vitality. With their passionate dance, they instantly warmed up the atmosphere of the whole activity site. Then, Ren Baifeng, general manager of Henan Sandi mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the stage. He said that as the agent of John Deere in Henan, Henan Sandi has been committed to bringing excellent products and high-quality services to users for many years. He also sincerely expressed the support and trust of customers for John Deere and Henan Sandi, including electrical controllers, servo valves, load sensors, displacement sensors Through this value storm experience activity, the closed-loop servo control system composed of computers will not only bring better products and services to customers, but also improve the user experience and value as always, and develop together with customers

professional on-site explanation

Gao Zhiyong, the sales manager of John Deere, gave a product explanation, and gave a vivid and detailed description of the performance characteristics and advantages of John Deere e240lc excavator and wl56 loader. Gao Zhiyong emphasized in the explanation that John Deere has always adhered to the famous saying of its founder, Mr. John Deere, for many years, "I will never put my name on a product that cannot reflect the best performance". Therefore, John Deere also made more efforts and efforts than other enterprises. Whether from one key "ignition" keyless start technology; Double handrail design to ensure safety; Laser etched anti suction engine cover or delayed flameout function; Behind all kinds of details, such as ultra-high safety cab steel, is John Deere's thoughtful design and strict safety requirements. Gao Zhiyong also said at the scene: "John Deere has always only done addition, not subtraction. It has always been John Deere's consistent purpose and belief to improve user value."

after listening to such an exciting explanation, users will inevitably rub their hands. They want to have a more intuitive way to experience the key points just explained by the sales manager. And John Deere has long been prepared. A John Deere e210lc is already ready to go, waiting for the user's test run. Under the leadership of the staff, the customers boarded the real machine one after another for a drill, whether it was digging or marching, whether it was lifting or unloading. The on-site equipment practiced 18 kinds of martial arts under the control of the customers, and proved their strength with exquisite actions. Users also repeatedly praised the performance of John Deere's equipment, and users who were eager to test the machine lined up in a long line. John Deere prepared exquisite souvenirs and real-time printing of photos for the users participating in the event. The customers who came down from the trial machine held a group photo of their intimate contact with the device and even smiled

test drive link

after the test drive process, there is a tense and exciting game interaction link waiting for users - placing small balls with excavators. As an equipment manufacturer with more than 170 years, the stability and accuracy of the products produced naturally cannot be underestimated. Through careful operation, users successfully placed the ball on a cylinder with a diameter of only a few centimeters. Bursts of cheers and palms rang out at the scene, and the atmosphere of the whole event reached a climax. At the subsequent luncheon, Ren Baifeng, general manager of Henan Sandi mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., announced the preferential policies for ordering equipment on site. These favorable policies made users unable to restrain themselves, and went to the cashier to book and consult the equipment. 2. The impact testing method of impact testing machine

Liu Fang, manager of John Deere's construction machinery marketing department, and he can complete a variety of performance experiments of tape, chain, steel wire rope, welding rods, bricks and components. Ren Baifeng, manager of Nandi dealer, attended the launch ceremony.

perhaps you can see here that many users have been rubbing their hands, and some users sigh that they did not catch up with such a awesome activity. Of course, John Deere will travel through ten cities in China from March 9 to April 18, Make close contact with customers and listen to their wishes; It aims to let more users reflect Deere's high-quality products, and also to better serve Chinese customers! Next, Jinan, Tieling, Harbin, Urumqi and other wonderful areas that have made great efforts to cultivate border cities with the spirit of craftsman, which is a special battlefield to help achieve "Jiangsu Silicon Valley", will continue to blow a tornado storm of value. Click on the link or consult the local John Deere agent to calmly sign up for the next richer and wonderful activity. John Deere, a buck from North America, may be waiting for you at the next stop

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