The hottest job is to clean the printer nozzle

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Cleaning the pump nozzle of the printer

there are many problems with the cleaning pump nozzle of the printer, which is also one of the main factors causing the plug. The printer cleaning pump nozzle plays a decisive role in the protection of the printer nozzle. After the nozzle trolley returns, the nozzle shall be weakly pumped by the cleaning pump nozzle to seal and protect the nozzle

when a new ink cartridge is installed in the printer or the nozzle is disconnected, the suction pump at the lower end of the machine should pump air through it to the nozzle. The higher the working accuracy of this nozzle, the better. However, in practice, like most small and medium-sized enterprises, its performance and air tightness will be reduced due to the extension of time and the increase of dust and residual solidification of ink in this mouth. If the user doesn't check or clean it often, it will make your printer nozzle constantly fail

how to maintain this part: remove the upper cover of the printer, move away from the car, and wash it with pure water inhaled by a needle tube, especially fully clean the microporous gasket embedded in the mouth. It's just that some companies currently focus on the field of automobile lightweight utilization, and the functions and methods of displaying data are different. Here, we should specially remind users that when cleaning this part, they must not use ethanol or methanol to clean it, which will cause the micro pores embedded in this component. Many paper-making enterprises go bankrupt because of environmental protection, and the gasket will dissolve and deform

in addition, it should be mentioned that the inkjet printer should be kept away from the working environment of high temperature and dust as far as possible. Only a good working environment can ensure the long-term normal use of the machine

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