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John Deere and dealer partners "work together to create the future"

John Deere and dealer partners "work together to create the future"

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Guide: November 18-22, 2012, the theme is John Deere NEW product distribution meeting and John Deere dealer conference to cultivate the future. The elongation, also known as elongation, refers to the material specimen broken by tensile load, Percentage of the ratio of the total elongation to the original length, using δ And John Deere service parts exhibition was held in Sanya City, Hainan Province. More than 360 representatives of John Deere dealers came from all over the country to meet with John Deere

from November 18 to 22, 2012, John Deere's new product launch, John Deere dealer conference and John Deere service parts exhibition with the theme of "cultivating the future" were held in Sanya, Hainan Province. More than 360 representatives of John Deere dealers came from all over the country. Many enterprises have found the blind spot where law enforcement departments only spot check the oxygen index, and gathered together to witness the achievements of John Deere in the market, products, services and so on with John Deere employees in 2012. Mr. mark von panchi, President of John Deere agriculture and lawn equipment department, Mr. gneiss jayaram, vice president of John Deere agriculture and lawn equipment department, and Mr. Liu Jinghui, President of John Deere China delivered video speeches and congratulated the meeting. Jeff Benqi, general manager of John Deere China marketing department, also attended the meeting and delivered a speech

the highlight of this event is the new product launch held on the evening of the 18th. Jeff Benqi, general manager of John Deere China marketing department, said in the welcome speech at the new product launch: "Looking back on the brilliant 175 years of John Deere, we are very proud of our long history. But looking forward to the future, we are more excited! Tonight, we are not only watching a new product launch, this is actually our grand blueprint for cultivating the future! What we provide users is not only products with higher technology content, but also richer product lines. In fact, what we provide them is a real full set of solutions. Only through hard work can we reap. This has been the case in the past, and even more so in the future. Because we are John Deere. Let's work together to cultivate the future! "

at the beginning of the new product launch, the 35 meter long screen on the scene successively showed the standards that the founder John Deere insisted on carving his name only on products that reflect the best quality since 1837. For 175 years, we have been adhering to this standard and constantly cultivating the future. In the following six chapters of in-depth customer understanding, strong R & D and testing capabilities, excellent manufacturing capacity, rich product lines, providing solutions for customers, and perfect parts after-sales service, John Deere introduced seven product series to more than 360 dealers in the Chinese market

deep customer understanding

the first tractor to appear is the John Deere 704 tractor. This series of tractors are designed with full consideration of the harsh working environment in China's farmland. Cold, sand and dust all endanger the safety and health of users. Therefore, on the basis of horsepower tractors, John Deere launched a cab equipped model with good control environment and excellent ergonomic design. Next on the stage is a star product that reflects John Deere's deep user understanding, John Deere multi-purpose tractor - 5E series 904 tractor. Based on the 5000 series, this series of tractors are born to meet the requirements of users for stronger power, more reliable performance and more convenient paddy field operation performance. In the future, with the increasing demand of users for tractors of this level, 5e Series tractors will become a legendary model with their inherent multi-function characteristics

strong R & D and testing capabilities

in the chapter "strong R & D and testing capabilities", John Deere showed that meeting the demands of users is the basis of product source, and transforming users' needs into practical solutions requires strong R & D and testing capabilities as support. Strong investment in research and development is an important reason to ensure that John Deere has always been a leader in the industry. With the continuous improvement of the mechanization rate of crop harvesting in China, users' demand for harvesting has changed. Based on China's national conditions, John Deere China's R & D team, in collaboration with global resources, has continuously launched advanced and applicable new agricultural machinery and equipment. The C110 combine harvester released by John Deere at this press conference has entered the vision of Chinese users with an innovative attitude after a large number of research and verification, especially bringing a leap forward improvement in the efficiency of rice harvest

excellent production and manufacturing capacity

we have mastered the needs of users and transformed them into specific product forms through research and development. Then, what we need to do is to produce high-quality products for users. This is John Deere's commitment to localization, John Deere's determination to root in China, and a solid guarantee for realizing the beautiful blueprint of "cultivating the future". John Deere has eight factories in China, and we always uphold the company's founder John Deere? Mr. Deere pursues the concept of high quality, follows the requirements of the globally unified "John Deere quality production system", and relies on excellent production and manufacturing capacity to continuously create John Deere's first-class products to serve Chinese users who are instructed by computers. In 2012, John Deere launched the locally produced 9970 cotton picker, which played a leading and exemplary role in the promotion of cotton mechanization in the whole process. 6J series 2054 Tractors Equipped with John Deere Powertech 6.8L turbocharged engine can meet the composite requirements of higher torque and higher power under the premise of high fuel efficiency

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