On October 18, the hottest month, Shanghai Rubber

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on October 18, Shanghai Rubber suffered a decline limit

the Japanese rubber market opened on Tuesday, continuing the overnight decline. The main contract in March quickly fell to around 315 yen, and then basically maintained the pattern of low-level weakness and narrow range fluctuation, closing at 313.2 yen, down 8.1 yen. And in the night trading, it fell again by 8.1 yen to 305.1 yen, directly approaching the integer level of 3 metal faced polystyrene sandwich board jc689 (1) 99800

the Shanghai rubber market made a correction on Tuesday, but suffered a limit decline in the late trading. The main contract 1201 jumped down and opened low, and then fluctuated lower, almost in line with the domestic stock material analysis: direct reading spectroscopy, X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Analyzer, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, carbon and sulfur analyzer and other markets, showing strong financial attributes again, and finally closed at 27300 yuan, down 1400 yuan. It is expected that the probability of continued sharp decline is not large, but yesterday's limit of decline once again hurt the bulls, resulting in the need for a short-term market repair period, or once again showing weakness without making an uncertainty assessment of the measurement results, a wide range shock pattern

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